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If you are wondering whether the link building software you bought back in 2012 will still serve your business needs, the simple answer is NO. The internet and social media technology is moving forward at a fast pace, and you should change with the times. Whatever used to work for search engine optimization and high rankings in Google might now be considered a black hat method that will do more harm than good. Below you will read about how your old school SEO methods could kill your business online.

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Linking Spam

If you are still buying link building services based on software applications and likes on your social media accounts, you should stop right now. Search engines are coming down hard on link spam,  and if you get a sudden boost in your visitor count, or hundreds of new Facebook likes on your business page a day, you are likely to get penalized. You should make sure that your links are relevant, diverse, and genuine.

Focusing On Websites Only

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Old search engine optimization methods focused on on-site SEO and link building to your site. Your business, however, has several identities online. You might have accounts with popular review sites, and need to monitor your reputation on multiple platforms. You might be featured on Google Maps, and your account is likely to be linked to Google Maps. A large proportion of your customer interactions might not happen on your site but on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Lack of Interaction

No matter how well you position your site on the market, if it lacks customer interaction and visitors, mentions, and social media contacts, you will not win the SEO game in 2018. Search engines can now track your brand’s popularity on the internet by monitoring the traffic to your social media accounts, your business listings, and even your mentions on blogs. If you fail to respond to comments and messages, you will be ranked significantly lower than another company that pays attention to customer service.

Lack of Sales Funnels

In 2018, you don’t simply need a website marketing strategy, but a sales funnel. You might want to talk to digital marketing agencies, such as Optimind Technology Solutions about utilizing different channels to drive visitors to your site. After all, the more traffic and customer queries you have, the better chance you will have to get noticed.  

Irrelevant Content

The greatest mistake old school SEO companies and bad web designers make is that they create content that is not relevant to your business profile and goals. They fail to ask the right questions and offer cookie-cutter solutions, instead of making your site and marketing strategy stand out. Getting links from irrelevant websites can damage your search engine rankings.

When searching for a search engine marketing method that will work for your business, you must consider your unique business needs and the latest SEO algorithms. Working with old software and companies that use outdated methods can kill your business online, and damage your reputation beyond repair.