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Not to sound needy, but the love of customers is what most business owners wish they could have. Some businesses achieve. Amazon has achieved it. Google has achieved it. Apple occasionally struggles to maintain it. You don’t have to be a technological megacorp to get the love of your customers, however. You just have to with their experience as the core of your goals.


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First and foremost, you have to make sure you can deliver your services reliably. If you say you’re going to get something done by a certain time, you better make damn sure you do. It’s not just about your business practices as well, but how reliable the supports of your business are. For example, your website and social media. They need to have strict continuity plans to make sure that nothing goes down or goes quiet for overly long. If you need to take the site down for maintenance, then make sure people know or can easily find that information out. If you start to look spotty with your reliability, customers will think twice about trusting you.


Doubt is the enemy of all businesses. Similarly, all businesses are susceptible to it. People will wonder whether any purchase is worth it before going through with it. But you can help them get the purchase done before that doubt sets in. You do this by removing as many barriers as you can between them browsing and becoming a customer. The easier to use your system is, the more they’ll love using the service. Sites like Amazon thrive from straightforward sitemaps, breadcrumb navigation and keeping things simple. This can apply just as much in brick-and-mortar stores as well. Make convenience a company policy.


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Convenience can be made even more possible with the use of the right tools. For instance, consider mobile devices. If a business can fit inside someone’s pocket, then they’re all the more likely to use it. You don’t have to be in the ecommerce business to benefit from good mobile app design. Optimizing your mobile experience for any kind of business is important. You need to be taking into account just how many people nowadays use their mobiles to browse businesses. For example, if you run a cinema, people on the go might consider stopping in, but only if they can see what you have to offer. An un-optimized, ugly site doesn’t give your business the best of images.


A business doesn’t just get to a certain level of usability and appeal and then just stay there. If you want to keep the love of your people, you have to keep winning it. Fickleness is just the nature of business. You combat it by staying current and always looking for ways to improve. The customers who use your business are going to be your best resource for that. But you need to be respectful and easygoing when looking for feedback. Don’t bog down customers with requests. Instead, use methods like surveys, customer service and emails to make occasional requests.


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Customer service isn’t just how you improve the business. It’s how you make sure that a customer’s experience is pleasant even whenever it requires a bit of fixing to keep it going smoothly. Needing to give customer support isn’t a failure. Every business is going to experience its fair share of questions. By making your customer support system more efficient, however, you can give better answers and get better results in return. For example, set up a ticket system that sorts support requests by topics. That way, if you’re answering one technical question, you’ll move on to the next technical question. Instead of shifting gear into something on a different topic.


A lot of businesses wear the tag of professionalism proudly. Like it means they’re supposed to be nothing but robots dedicated to performing their one function. That might be a reliable way to operate, but it’s not going to earn you any love. Instead, you need to remember that customers are human and communicating with them is a human process. Add a bit of personality. Be happy and pleasant to talk to. Use a bit of humor on social media channels (without walking into any landmine topics). Go the extra mile and send them a personal thank you with their next order. Try to make them smile and create positive experiences for them. That will forever be a part of what they associate with your business.


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