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Got any gum?

By Alex Greenwood

That’s me on the right, making small talk with Mike Brown of The Brainzooming Group at the recent Building the Gigabit City 2.0 sessions. Behind us are numerous thought leaders doing some serious brain zooming to figure out practical ways to make the most of ultra-high-speed Google Fiber internet service in Kansas City.

We’re always excited to work with Mike and his team, doing our part to help publicize initiatives he and his team helped start (like Gigabit City).

Beyond the PR work I do for Mike’s company, I must confess I particularly enjoy our occasional lunches or meetings where he shows me how to approach challenges from a different direction. It’s something at which Mike is a bit of a genius (don’t tell him I said that). I can’t count how many times Mike has helped me shift focus from my regular (usually frustrated) problem-solving tactics to an ultimately more productive path to resolution. Mike shows me how to use my native tools–logic, information, intuition, experience–to figure out the best way forward.

Google Fiber is a brilliant tool for Kansas City. We’re lucky to have it and as a citizen and business owner, I’m glad our community is taking it seriously and working to make the most of it.

However, visionary, smart, openhearted people like Mike Brown are our community’s true assets. Building the Gigabit City 2.0 was a showcase for numerous people who share Mike’s attitude and spirit.