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Businesses need to evolve in order to survive. Technology is advancing so quickly that businesses who don’t make it a priority to keep up will inevitably lose out, and possibly fail altogether. One of the main aspects of any business is advertising. Without advertising, businesses can’t target their audiences and set the bait to reel potential customers in. Advertising is one of the many aspects of business that will change over the next few years and is beginning to dramatically change right now. If you’re willing to keep up, here’s what you need to know.


Maya Angelou once said, ‘People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget the way you made them feel.’ At the moment, we’re able to show and tell customers through business advertising, but soon, we’ll be able to make them feel something too. The future of advertising is all about creating an experience that customers won’t forget. If you can make a potential customer feel happy and good about themselves, you’ve got advertising nailed.


Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is becoming one of the best ways to give a customer an experience they aren’t likely to forget. At the moment, virtual reality headsets are rarely used for anything other than fun, displaying roller coaster rides or virtual reality games. However, it won’t be long before they’re used in advertising. Businesses have a unique opportunity to create an advert that allows their customers to experience the product, rather than just describe it. It’s also a fantastic way to personalize advertisements so the receiver feels special.

Facial Recognition

Remember watching movies and seeing someone scan their eyes to gain entry into a restricted area and thinking it was amazing? We aren’t far off using that for our own smart phones. There are many benefits of facial recognition for businesses. The first is that it’s so much easier for your customers to use, rather than having to scan in different forms of I.D. A digital identity verification service will increase your conversion rates because you won’t have to wait for customer information. Using facial recognition will also allow companies to tailor make their advertisements. For example, makeup companies will be able to target blue eyed, blonde women with products that will suit their tones.

Shopping Mall Experience

If businesses are already able to recognize their customers, what’s stopping them from targeting them on a much bigger level. Let’s say someone walks into a clothing store, somewhere they’ve shopped before. As the person walks in, they’re recognized and a large screen activates in front of them showing them the latest trends and newest items, all based upon past purchases. Before that person gets to the first rack of clothing they’ve already been tempted into buying a new product. These virtual reality screens could be placed all over malls, showing every customer something specific and tailored to them.


360-degree Cameras

Taking pictures of products just got a whole lot easier and more interactive. Your customers are used to seeing pictures of products from different angles, having to click on different images to get the whole picture. With 360- degree cameras, businesses now have the advantage of showing their product from every angle in one shot. It’s more convenient for both businesses and customers, and saves time when shopping online, so customers have more time to find additional items to purchase.

Better Personalisation

It started with using a customer’s name at the beginning of an email, rather than sending out a general newsletter. The personalisation worked a charm, and for a while, businesses saw the benefit. But, now customers want businesses to go above and beyond. Technology will allow businesses to predict what customers will want next. It’s likely that this kind of personalization will take a while to perfect, but there may soon be a time when customers barely have to think about their next purchase because it will be presented in front of them. It will go far and beyond an email with top picks for your next purchase. Customers will be able to see and experience more than ever before.

Holographic Imaging

Ever wished you could see what clothes look like on without having to traipse to the store and try them on? Holographic imaging could do that for you. You may receive a message on your phone, open it and find an image of yourself hovering above your smartphone wearing a new jacket. It’s just a possibility at the moment, but holographs will certainly be used in advertising at some point.