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Your employees are one of your most important keys to success. Without them, you can’t create a connection between the business and your customers. However, there may be times when your employees aren’t doing their jobs as well as they could be. There could be many reasons for this, but training is something you should seriously consider.  Here are some signs you need to look out for so you can spot when your employees need additional training.

Are They Asking Questions?

If your employees are constantly asking for your advice or need help completing simple tasks, it’s likely they’ll benefit from additional training. As a business owner, you won’t have the time to hold your employee’s hands and do their jobs for them. You need to work with a confident team, full of employees who can work on their initiative. If you’ve recently introduced new ways of working, you can expect a few fumbles as employees try to find their comfort zones. However, it’s important to provide the training they need to make the most of new technology or new procedures, like MBA accounting online. Otherwise, your business may not get any decent return on the investment.


Lack of Skills

It’s easy for employers to hire employees based upon their glowing resumes. On paper, they may have all the qualifications they need to do the job properly. However, doing something in theory and then attempting to do something in practice are two very different things. This is why many companies offer trial periods, instead of offering a contract straight away. If you notice that a certain employee is struggling, it may be that they need a bit of help putting their knowledge into practice. You can provide extra training or have the employee shadow another to learn about how things work in the business.

Hiring Within

Many businesses know the value of hiring a person who is an existing employee in another department. Having some knowledge of how the business works and what is expected of them can be an excellent foundation for productive workers. However, hiring from within can be costly because there’s no doubt you’ll need to arrange additional training. For example, a welder that has worked for a construction company may be hired as a draughtsman. Although he has inside knowledge of what the clients want, he’ll still need to train to use specific design systems.


Raising the Bar

If you’re keeping an eye on your competitor, you’ll know what they’re doing differently. If their employees are far more advanced than yours, it could be time to raise the bar. What are they doing differently? What do you need to do to step up the game? It could be something as simple as brushing up on customer service skills to something as complicated as creating a customer feedback and response system. The performance of your employees should always meet a high standard. If you’re noticing that standards are slacking, you may need to bridge the gap with training.


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