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Kansas City Organization Takes Lead on Opioid Crisis

Opioid abuse has reached crisis level in the United States and one Kansas City organization is taking the lead introducing new, innovative programs to help people recover. Kansas City Recovery, an addiction treatment organization, is stepping up to the plate and introducing new and innovative alternatives to keep people engaged longer as they transition into a recovery lifestyle.

Expanding Your Business from One to Many

As a startup business, it is likely that you will begin the process on your own. This has lots of perks such as choosing your working hours, having full control of the direction of the business and only yourself to watch out for. However, if you want to build your business further, you will need to hire employees.

Accelerate Your Business Activities to Get Back on Track

No one wants to waste time spending longer getting things done than they need to. The faster you can do something, while still producing great results, the better it is for you and for your business. If you feel like everything just takes too long, you might be looking for solutions to speed up your regular business activities. It might be something you do yourself, as many small businesses are operated by only one person, or it could be something your staff needs help with. To start getting things done faster, take a look at these ways to speed things up.

3 People You Need To Make Your Business A Success

Any successful business runs like a well-oiled machine, made up of a lot of separate parts. If one of them isn’t working properly, the whole company will be in trouble. Those parts are your employees and even though it might hurt your ego, they’re just as important as you where the general running of the business is concerned. When you’re first starting out you’re going to want to keep costs low and operating with just a few members of staff is a good way to do this. However, there are certain members of staff that you just can’t do without if you want to get anywhere. These are the staff that you absolutely must hire for your new business.

How To Connect With Powerful Influencers To Boost Your Business

It’s a fact that when you’re starting up a business, the contacts you have are one of the most important weapons at your disposal. Business is people, the broader your network the more likely you are to hear about opportunities first, find investment and spread buzz about what you have to offer. We all dream of coming into the orbit of a powerful business titan who can boost the fortunes of our company. But if we do cross paths, how can we make the most of the opportunity?

How To Get Paid Faster with Your Small Business

Did you know that on average, 50% of small business invoices are paid late? It doesn’t always have to be that way though. It is possible for you to half the time you get paid, or even get paid on time altogether. It all comes down to the way that you send your invoices and the way that you deal with your customers.