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Rising Up The Ladder To Become A Leader In Business

Leadership is a complex concept, that isn’t for everybody. You have to deal with high-pressure situations almost daily, and make sure you balance the need to pursue profits, with running a happy shop regarding employees. However, if you think you’re ready to take on new responsibilities and you have the drive to play a more important and crucial role in the world of business, there are many options out there waiting for you. One thing every person who is gearing themselves up to take the reins is, to realize that it isn’t like it is on the television or movies. Becoming a leader is much more about self-sacrifice, long hours, late nights, being incredibly self-critical, and always being willing to step into the fight every morning with vigor and gusto. You can take the academic route, or possibly the old-fashioned way of getting your foot in the door.

News Media and Your Business Lunch and Learn

Public relations strategist, marketing consultant, and former journalist Alex Greenwood, owner of AGPR, shares insights on how to promote your business with a media strategy at Encorps45 on Nov. 7 in North Kansas City.

This lunch and lean takes a look at the way members of the news media think, what stories they seek and what to do if you are the subject of a negative story.

A Clean Workplace is a Safe Workspace

Ensuring that your workplace is gleaming is about much more than keeping up appearances and ensuring that any visitors to your office are not immediately put off by the dirt and grime that you’ve allowed to fester – it’s much more important than that! A workplace than it clean is a workspace that is safe.

Five Step Guide To Improving Your People Management

When it comes to being a manager at work, the work can often be the simpler side of things. You know what to do and the work will get done. But when it comes to managing people, it can be much trickier. People are harder to control, manage, and quantify than the tasks in hand. It can be tough being the leader at work or in business, as it can feel like you’re not always doing a great job if people don’t understand or like what they have to do. Thankfully, though, if you’re motivated to work hard, you can learn skills to improve being a manager of people. You can help to create a more productive workforce that is more motivated too. Here are some of the steps to take.

Transforming Your Gear From Liability To Asset

Most businesses rely not only on the people inside it and the skills they bring with them but the gear they use to get the job done. From an electrician’s toolbox to heavy construction equipment, from the low-tech to sprawling IT systems, they are a valuable part of the business. As with everything valuable in business, they have a chance to become a risk if their investment is protected. Here, we’re going to look at how you make sure your assets are actually assets and not a potential liability to the business.

You Must Protect Your Customers Or Regret It Later On

As a business, it’s up to you to protect your customers. If you don’t, you can pretty much guarantee that you’ll regret it later on. Taking chances with your customer’s data and safety in other respects is a huge gamble and not one you want to take on lightly. If you make a false move, it could ruin your business for good. Word of mouth recommendations are strong, people talk often, and they are far more likely to talk about the things that are wrong rather than the things that are right.

Is Marketing The Path For Your Business Idea?

There are so many lucrative business ideas out there. So many industries are booming at the minute, that if you know you want to go into business, but don’t know what area, it can be hard to decide. But one area that’s really big at the minute is marketing. It always will be as well. No matter how many years go by, people will always need to market their business in order to get sales, or even just to get their business noticed. So if you’re on the edge of deciding whether to set up a business, and would like it to be in the world of marketing, here’s a little persuasion as to why it’s a good idea, and how to do it.

Why Does Typography Matter?

As a business owner, you are already aware that you need to have a strong marketing team by your side to guide your business into the world and gain customers. Without a marketing strategy, your business will not be as effective as it could be and therefore, it’ll be less successful.

Is Your Brand Devaluing Your Business Effort?

So you’ve got amazing products, but still, the market doesn’t seem to pick up on them? Worst, it even seems that despite your best marketing efforts and your market research, customers are still not convinced by your company. It’s time for a rethink. There is only one reason that can explain why a good product that is purposively targeted at the most appropriate audience fails to sell, and it’s called branding failure. It’s never easy to get things right the first time. So can you improve your branding image?