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Doing More With Less: How Technology Can Help Your Business

As the owner of a small or large business, you may have already discovered how new technology can help you in your work. From the latest in computer hardware to using mobile software, it is important to have a handle on what technology can do for your business. Despite the initial expense in buying equipment or outsourcing to specific services, the benefits are many, including increased productivity and a gradual turn in profit.

The Intermediate Guide to Civil Litigation

Regardless of the outcome of a civil litigation case, it does not necessarily mean it is the end of a business, or even a business relationship. Remember to tread carefully, and protect yourself from the start of a business relationship through clear and confidential communication. Although you may feel as though a civil litigation case may never end, it is important to remember it will in order to stay calm and collected, and remember there is always help there if needed.

Live From Curacao: Facebook Advertising, Branding, Inbound Marketing and More

Recently, AGPR Principal Alex Greenwood had the privilege and pleasure of joining his colleague Mike Brown of The Brainzooming Group to talk at the second Social Media and Content Workshop, hosted by the Curacao Tourist Board. Mike, who had spoken at the first workshop in 2016, covered branding and inbound marketing topics, while my session covered Facebook advertising and marketing. The video below captures the highlights and reactions from the attendees.