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Now, more than ever, image is arguably the most vital component for any business to thrive. Although many talk about the importance of customer relationships, where does this relationship stem from? The image you present. So, image is all you will ever need, but why?

First Impressions

Now, first impressions count more than they ever used to. Whether you are attending exhibitions, sending out emails, or creating promotional materials, your image is going to be judged instantly. It takes less than 1 second to form an impression of a stranger based on their face. And, it has been found that this impression is very rarely altered the longer someone is exposed to that face. And, this doesn’t just apply to people; the imagery we use is going to send out a specific message. The study of semiotics, relating to signs and signifiers, shows that we make very quick judgments based on images we are presented. So, regardless of your own image, either personal or professional or even a logo, these are all subject to the same scrutiny. This is why you need to think long and hard about your image before you set up a company, and how you market yourself. The importance of well-designed trade show booths piques a customer’s interest to come over and get more information about your business, and it’s the same thing with the personality of someone, we decide if we want to speak to someone or not based on our initial judgments, and it really alters. First impressions always count.

Your Image Is Linked To Your Reputation

You’re never going to get away with a bad reputation because your image will be tarnished. Your image and your reputation will always be linked, and this has a major impact on things associated with your image. While they say any publicity is good publicity, if you’ve got a bad reputation, is this going to help you accrue more clients and customers? People don’t want to be associated with something that has a bad reputation or a poor image. This is considered the death knell for any companies that work in tandem with a sinking ship. So, if you start off on a bad note, it’s going to be very difficult to redress the balance. Even from the perspective of an employee, image ranked third in the list of nine desired character traits from managers. In fact, it ranked above education!

It’s The Way Competitors Screen You

Especially now with social media, every entrepreneur needs to think about how they’re presenting themselves across the board. You check out clients by heading to Google, and they do exactly the same thing to you. And remember, those pictures of you 10 years ago might be the reason you can’t get a job now. And the same goes for entrepreneurs, and if they want clients, if they stumble upon questionable images of you, albeit a long time ago, this is going to severely damage, not just your reputation, but any future business dealings.

Image is all you will ever need in business, and it means so much to have the right image, because of its far-reaching impacts.