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A business emergency might not be the same as an emergency at home. It could be that someone has collapsed, but it could also be that stock value has dropped, or that the server is down. And in those situations, as a business owner, you need to know who you can call to fix it. It goes without saying that in an event of a collapsed person you call an ambulance, and the fire department if your office is on fire.but for other work emergencies, there are other heroes you need to have on speed dial to help you right the wrong. Preparing like this will help to make these situations less stressful for you.


If your shares are losing value – either the ones you own or the ones for your business, you need to call your broker. They won’t be able to do anything on the value, but they can advise whether or not you should cut your losses and sell, or to wait. When it comes to the value of your business they will be able to advise you on why it’s happening and what you can do about it.


No matter your financial situation in your company, you should have an accountant to advise you and help handle your affairs. And when things are going wrong with your finances, it’s your account you need to call. If there are any issues with payroll, a drop in profits, a failed contract, or even an unpaid invoice – then you’re going to need some advice from a professional who knows your business finances better even than you.

Insurance Companies

All businesses should have insurance – or even a few different policies. From contents insurance to liability insurance – you need to make sure that your business, and you, are covered. Obviously, you don’t want to be paying out for a ridiculous amount of insurance policies with different companies, so make sure that you shop around and find policies that overlap what they cover so that you can reduce the amount you pay out for.


Everyone always hopes that they never have to call a lawyer – but owning a business ups the odds. You are more likely to need a lawyer, even if it’s just for contracts and negotiation. And if a bad situation occurs when you need a lawyer to defend you in court – it could be a massive bonus to have a lawyer on your books.


If your company deals with machinery then you will probably have a deal with the manufacturer to service and fix them if them break. But when it comes to electrics, plumbing and even decorating, it’s an idea to use the same company each time – that way you can be assured that the work will be done to your specifications and standards each time.