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Growing a business from the grassroots is a monumental achievement. Many businesses fail in their first two years, and most entrepreneurs have a long line of failures before they can boast any form of success. However, if a combination of hard work, perseverance, and maybe just a little bit of luck have paid off and allowed you to expand your operation in directions you never thought possible, you’re likely going to want to find more staff.

This doesn’t only include those working at the bottom of the hierarchy. If your business has expanded to the point so rapidly that you feel somewhat overwhelmed taking control of the business as you once did, perhaps it’s time to reinvest the profits you’ve made into hiring someone worth their salt. Maybe it’s time to look for a new business executive, be that a CEO or other high-level staff member. This could allow you to delegate the responsibility of running the operations of the business, while you provide insight as an owner and brand knowledge that only you could have.

If you’re not used to hiring someone at this level, you might feel a little overwhelmed. How do you possibly interview competently someone who has proven themselves through years more field experience than you? How do you interview someone properly who might hold prestigious degrees at the highest educational firms? It can all feel a little too much if you’re even slightly out of your depth.

Luckily, this list will help you. Sitting in on an interview and liaising with a top 10 executive recruiter could land you that individual that will take your company to places it previously never had the temerity to dream of.

Eye Contact

As with any person you interview, the eye contact and direct communication the candidate shows will go a long way to showing you how they approach other people. This rule still binds those who have graduated head of their class and have taken firms to financial success. It is the most important rule of positive and respectful human communication.


How do they phrase their sentences? How do they listen to you? Do they talk to you as if you’re there to have an idea imposed on, or do they speak to you like you’re the most valuable member of the team? Assessing arrogance, even if it’s entirely justified, can help you identify early warning signs.


If you have a functional team in place, it’s likely that there’ll be some teething issues when it comes to adapting to a new manager. Can the candidate deal with this effectively? Can they use their charm to help overcome these certain early situations? How will your team like the candidate? Worthy questions all.


Part of being a visionary, whether that’s an artist, businessman or chef, is a singular laser focus applied to the activities they carry out. This is important, but it’s also important for them to be flexible. Ask them to provide examples of where they’ve had to compromise on an intended outcome, and how that went.

The perfect executive hire will have equal parts creativity and practicality. Despite occupying a high-level position, they will listen to you, the owner, at all times. They will be grateful to be there, no matter their business acumen thus gathered. Find the right person, and you can be sure your business is in good hands.