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Failing to draw traffic to your business’ website can be immensely frustrating. The launch of your site is by no means the start of your business journey. You’ve already invested so much time and cash into all sorts of different areas: product design and development, web design, content writing, product storage. The list goes on. 

It becomes easy to be misled into thinking that the launch of your page is the end of your troubles and sales will naturally start to pour in. However, the launch of your website doesn’t guarantee any sales. This is reflected in the fact that most businesses make a loss in their first year of operation, with only a few even breaking even. But the key to encouraging sales lies down to more than sheer patience alone. You need to be proactive, directing as much traffic to your site as possible. The more exposure your brand has, the more likely it is to succeed. So, how do you go about encouraging potential customers to visit your site? There are a few ways. Read on to find out.


SEO, search engine optimization, is an absolute essential when it comes to helping people find your site in the first place. This is a relatively organic process void of pushy sales techniques. It allows customers to feel like they found your site by themselves and they subsequently feel more comfortable interacting with your brand.

SEO matches up the keywords that consumers type into search engines with the relevant web pages to suit their needs. By optimizing your site in regards to this process, search engines will pick up your page as most relevant and place it higher in the list of results that they offer. The higher you are on the list, the more likely people are to click your link and be directed to your site. Once they’re on your web page, your products will sell themselves. Search engine optimization merely puts you in contact with your consumers in the first place. For more information on the area, check out www.ignitedigital.com/service/search-engine-optimizationseo/.

Targeted Advertising

Market research can allow you to understand the types of sites that your potential customer base frequent. These may be certain blogs or certain individuals’ social media feeds. Use this information to your advantage by placing branded advertisements on these pages. You can collaborate with blog owners or social media users for advertising space or personal advertisements. This ensures that wherever your audience spends time online, they will be faced with your brand name, logo, and links. This helps to keep you in the back of their mind at all times.

Physical Advertising

Don’t completely reject the power of physical advertising. Yes, your business may be online, but you can still advertise to people in the real world. Know the places where your customers frequent and have posters placed around, leave business cards in the places that they spend their spare time, and maybe even set up a promotional campaign with free samples or discount vouchers. Just ensure to employ promotional staff who are well briefed on your brand, the product they are promoting, and most importantly, that they have material for people to take home with your URL and social media tags.

If you abide by these steps, you will see the visitor count of your web page rise significantly in a small matter of time. This should hopefully convert into successful sales and a loyal customer base.