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So you’ve had a breach of contract from a client and you’re concerned that the damages involved will affect your business cash flow? Or maybe you have unknowingly breached a business agreement and now action is being taken against you? Although this is a common occurrence in the business world, there is no denying any breach of contract, no matter how big or small can cause unwarranted stress that adds to the already overstressed work environment. Many businesses may not know where to turn to when they have a civil issue, however, there are plenty of options to ensure your business is protected from issues that may arise. Despite feeling as though you may not have the manpower to ensure your business is protected from such issues, there are many alternatives to ensure you can prevent such issues occurring in the future.

While it is safe to say that no business is completely immune to civil litigation, there are strategies to ensure your business has clear policies and procedures that can protect you from unhappy employee claims. Many businesses make the mistake of thinking they only need to invest in litigation lawyers once a claim has been made, it does not hurt to invest earlier. By ensuring you have a litigation lawyer, from companies such as IRB Law, oversee any contracts before an agreement is made you can save yourself that much needed time and money from the onset and essentially avoiding any lawsuits before they happen.


Clear communication is important from the start of any new business relationship right until the end of the contract. This is essential on both sides, and many would agree that it is important to oversee any contracts made between both parties from an early onset to ensure that your business relationship is equally fair on both sides. Many business relationships fail due to the lack of clear communication, and this can be avoided through employing someone to oversee and ensure communication is kept clear and concise.

In the case of a lawsuit it is important to stay calm, patient and realistic. This can often be forgotten in the midst of a stressful time such as a lawsuit. It is important to keep a record of any communication between your business and the party in which the lawsuit is against to protect yourself from any further issues. At times you may be asked for data that may not seem relevant, however this will be used to build a case. When going through a litigation case, you may feel like venting with your peers, however, it is important to remember that you do need to keep all information confidential as you may be at risk of further breaches by over sharing privileged information. Ensure all of your employees are aware of this from the commencement of employment to protect yourself from any further issues.

Regardless of the outcome of a civil litigation case, it does not necessarily mean it is the end of a business, or even a business relationship. Remember to tread carefully, and protect yourself from the start of a business relationship through clear and confidential communication. Although you may feel as though a civil litigation case may never end, it is important to remember it will in order to stay calm and collected, and remember there is always help there if needed.