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13 Things I Need to Do

Lists can be helpful in getting organized and staying on task. They can also inspire others to do the same. (I hope). Tedious as it may be, I’ve made one and wish to share it with you. Those keeping score may feel free to hold me accountable.

So, in the interests of preserving my sanity, gaining more clients and doing a better job, I need to (in no particular order):

  1. Unsubscribe from just about any email newsletter, blog post notification, advertisement, solicitation for Viagra, etc. I don’t read within two days of receiving it. Too much clutter, not enough benefit.
  2. Clean up and organize my office. No, really. I need to. It helps me focus. (The cleaning, that is. Once it’s cleaned and organized it’s only a matter of time before it’s back to its normal state of “creative disarray.)
  3. Get all my receipts, mileage and tax stuff ready. Hard to believe AlexanderG’s first year as a going concern is almost upon me–and that taxes are going to be due. Must scan those receipts and create a spreadsheet of deductions. Ugh. Wish I had one of those cool receipt scanners–though I’m not convinced they are any better than a regular flat bed scanner. Anyone have any wisdom on that? I’d be happy to try one and report back.
  4. I need to get another 10,000 words of the sequel to my novel written by the first week of 2011. If not the book runs the risk of becoming stale. Don’t want that, and I know at least ten readers are waiting!
  5. Also need to do the same for the book I’m collaborating on with my pal David. That one is more fun to write right now, but the self-applied pressure of writing something that suits even a kind, like-minded and cool collaborator–as well as myself–can be daunting.
  6. Follow up on six RFPs floating around out there. I want the clients, and need to make sure they know I do.
  7. Step up my in-person networking a little more.
  8. Complete my business plan for Q3 and Q4 2011.
  9. Thank my current clients for trusting me with their PR, marketing and management consulting needs.
  10. Speak to groups, seminars or classes at least five times next year. I enjoy it and have a kick-ass presentation thanks to the aid of  my friend Al Bonner.
  11. Work with my strategic partners to create lucrative business opportunities for us all.
  12. Decide whether I want to get my accreditation or not. (APR or ABC? Neither?)
  13. Establish working relationships with my new partners at the PR Consultants Group.

So, there’s my list. All doable.

Have you made one?


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