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Black Friday Deal for Your New Kindle, Nook or iPad

Getting (or giving) a Kindle, Nook or iPad this holiday season? Then how about a fun book to go with your new ereader? As featured on KCUR Radio, Pilate’s Cross is garnering some great reviews and enthusiastic fans. Based on a true story, this quirky mystery has been called “a total winner, ” “a page turner” and “intriguing” by readers.

Featuring a cool cover by the talented Mr. Terrill, this ebook will soon be available as a paperback, too. But with ereaders being all the rage, we hope you’ll save a tree–and some cash–and take us up on this special Black Friday offer: order Pilate’s Cross from the publisher website today and get 75% off the cover price. That’s right–get a copy of this quirky thriller for only $1.00! Just click here and use discount code JJ48P at checkout.

Still not sold? Check out the book trailer!

Offer expires this weekend, so hurry!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Future of Publishing

Over 10,000 authors and publishers around the world now use Smashwords as their ebook publishing and distribution platform. Watch the slide deck below to learn why.

Wheels in Motion: eBook Trailer for Pilate's Cross

Just had to share…

So last month we worked on our first audio book and then this month we started working on our first trailer for an eBook.  Good thing we’re just as interested in books as we are in audio!

Check out Alex Greenwood‘s eBook, Pilate’s Cross, available at Smashwords.  As soon as we’re finished with the trailer, we’ll post it for you to view!

via Wheels in Motion: eBook Trailer for Pilate’s Cross.


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