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If you run a small business, it can be like running a ship of multiple personalities, that all need to work together to make sure the crashing waves don’t topple everyone overboard. As a business owner, it’s your job to make sure your employees feel comfortable working in your business, so that they can give you their all in terms of effort, thinking power and time. Not many people realize that businesses are made up of people who are individuals, and not a bunch of robots who will do whatever you say. They have needs too, and they will need you to secure their future if they are to really trust you. Building strength within a company is not going to be easy, because other than profits, a company must also show its employees that it cares about them, and will go however far they are prepared to go in tandem. Business leaders know that to gain the trust of employees, they’ve got to show that they trust them first. There is no opportunity without it being offered to staff members, so setting up the right kind of environment is crucial to success.  

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Be truthful about reverse directions

When you’re in a meeting with your employees, they’re hanging onto your every word. During these meetings, you might be discussing a product or improving an existing product, together with future strategies about what targets the business is aiming for. However, if there is a sudden change of plan, halfway down the line, this is where tension can arise. Employees are not like sheep that need to be herded into a pen. Be truthful with them about the sudden change in direction. The sales figures may not have been up to par, and so, a new service or product that was just unleashed has had to be recalled. Express recognition to your employees, that it wasn’t anyone’s fault as in a small business, everyone is virtually on their toes with the thought of being let go, gently simmering away. If a partner, supplier or distributor fell through and didn’t hold up their end of the deal, be truthful to your employees about those sorts of things too. You can all sit and study what went wrong together, and rather than your managers and other higher management arguing among yourselves, involve the workforce to gain a better perspective.

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Late payments don’t bode well

If you have asked one or two employees to work overtime to meet a deadline, but have not thought of how you will pay them extra for that month, you’re in legal trouble. As per the contract of any employment, you’re obligated to pay staff who work for you, even if it means, beyond the normal working hours of the work day. If you know you’re short on funds, and will be relying on the extra work to give you dividends in the future, it’s still vital to pay employees upfront and not have them rely on the ‘you’ll see’ prolonging. You could opt for an online borrowing convenience, by loaning up to $1000. You can be approved online in no time at all, and have the funds ready to be given to your employees together with their monthly salary. You get complete privacy when getting out this kind of loan, with no driving or faxing and no waiting in line needed. Then as soon as your next profit margin comes in for the month, you can balance the sheets and pay back the loan. Juggling expectations and money is just a part of the business and one area where you cannot fall behind. This is not just to keep employees trusting you, that you will pay them for extra work, but you don’t fall into legal problems.

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Don’t underestimate their observation

If you play favorites in business, be sure of it, your employees can see. They probably talk about your bias when you’re not there and possibly carry on this conversation after work. Employees notice everything, and if you’re treating one employee better than the rest, you’re immediately marked down in their books. This can foster a deep resentment of the authority figure which is you. You never want to be seen as giving one employee too much praise for a group effort, and any acknowledgment of excellent work should be thought through carefully. Many people forget that human beings are pack animals, and if you act nonchalantly or in an uninterested way, your employees will feel rejected and treated like second class citizens. You can pick up these subtle hints if you watch the body language and listen to the tone of your employees. A disheartened employee is more likely to speak in a monotone voice, and give you short, sharp answers to your questions. They may not want to make eye contact with you, and even have their body turned away from you when you’re talking to them. If you fail to pick up these subtle hints, you’ll look like a boss that is indifferent to your employees, and slowly a wall will be put up for you and your employees. No business does well with internal divisions and especially if you see as the enemy to your team of workers.

Showing their records

Employees know that the business they work for has a file on their details. They know full well that you have their history of work and other actions that did. Rather than having them in a file in the real world, staff may feel a lot better if their records were online and accessible to them. As they are a part of your business, their account in your mainframe could show a number of hours they have worked and what kind of tasks they have completed. They can then calculated for themselves if they’re being paid correctly and if their history is up-to-date. It also shows you have nothing to hide, and that you’re more than willing to be transparent.

Gaining the trust of employees may not be difficult, but keeping it definitely is. When it comes to money, this is a serious issue and one that you should make sure you’re on top of at all times. Don’t let late payments stack up and if you cannot pay employees from your regular funds, look for other alternatives. Be a fair-handed boss and treat everybody equally, regardless of the pecking order.