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Just when we thought we couldn’t possibly top our first year at AlexanderG Public Relations, 2011 soared to new heights! We’ve been blessed to work on national, regional and local accounts in several sectors–thanks in large part to our affiliation with the PRConsultants Group–which truly offers national strength, local power. We want to put that strength and power to work for you in the New Year, so please keep us in mind for your public relations, marketing and reputation management consulting needs.


UnLimited Success!
We’re proud that The Limited chose AlexanderG PR to open their first and last new stores of 2011! It is especially gratifying to have helped The Limited in their efforts to not only expand their business, but also empower women on their road to success.

Read more about it here.

DSC_1347It’s All Greek to Us!

We had a great time promoting the 50th Annual Annunciation Greek Food Fest–though we probably ate way too much great food. (Nah, you can never eat too much great food.) We booked the Festival’s organizers on local TV and radio and had a fun time at the event.

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DSC_1692Gigabit City Here We Come

AlexanderG was honored to help promote ideas for Kansas City’s (the first city in the world selected) use of the new Google Ultra-High Speed Fiber technology. Working with our clients at Brainzooming and other firms and organizations, we donated part of our service fees to arrange dozens of local and national media mentions for the inaugural ideation session and subsequent activities.

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DSC_1770Answering the “Call of Duty” at Blockbuster

We had a blast promoting the rollout of “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3” at KC area Blockbuster Video locations. Our flagship store in Independence took no prisoners after we placed a small tank, troop carrier and National Guard humvee–not to mention soldiers and a giant Fox inflatable from 101 The Fox–in the parking lot during the “Call of Duty” tournament. Great turnout and a fun time added up to huge buzz for Blockbuster!
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Yehidah_front_cover(1)Bestselling Results!
It’s not everyday you get  to work with a bestselling author, but we were privileged to help Melissa Studdard launch her bestselling, award-winning debut novel Six Weeks to Yehidah. We managed to secure a book signing in Canada, interviews and a featured appearance at the prestigious Montgomery County (Texas) Teen Book Festival in 2012.  Congrats to Melissa on her success–more to come we’re sure!

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And There’s More…
We had so much more going on this year, including a CD launch by the multi-talented singer-songwriter Dan Coyle who found new fans and great success in Europe this year. We worked with several small businesses–including advising on how to use blogging and social media to their advantage. We volunteered to handle promotional duties for one of the most successful jazz concerts in Kansas City, appeared on KCUR radio, and performed several speaking engagements. Also in 2011, AlexanderG PR owner and principal Alex Greenwood ran a half-marathon. After regaining the ability to walk without groaning he has said unequivocally that he will never perform that particular act of madness again.

Looking for a Good Read In 2012?

Some say the world will end in 2012. We doubt it, but either way there’s still time to read the latest offering from our resident writer Alex Greenwood. Coming in 2012 is the sequel to his acclaimed debut mystery/thriller Pilate’s Cross, titled Pilate’s Key. Here’s a little something about the new book:

Life’s A Beach for John Pilate…

On the mend from a near-death experience in the snowy Midwest, John Pilate is taking it easy on the sun-soaked beaches of Key West. Umbrella drink in hand, Pilate is writing a book and getting some much-needed therapy to deal with his imaginary friend Simon. He’s also pondering the future with his new love, Kate. Life is looking up for John Pilate…until he is drawn into a world of murder, pirates, conch fritters and smart aleck remarks from invisible men.

He has blood on his hands, a mysterious poker chip in his pocket, shadows over his shoulder and a sexy cop in his bed. John Pilate is in trouble again–and the only way out is to find the key…Pilate’s Key.

You’ll soon be able to get it in ebook and paperback form on Amazon, Lulu, Barnes & Noble, etc. You can also email Alex and to arrange your pre-order of an autographed copy. Click here for details.

Keep in Touch in 2012

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We believe 2012 holds the potential for even greater growth for us, our clients and those willing to work hard and work smart.  AlexanderG PR stands ready to be part of the team that gets you there.

Peace on Earth.

The Team at AlexanderG Public Relations, LLC