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Quality over quantity is a golden rule for virtually every area of your company. So why is it that when it comes to finding traffic for websites, so many business owners obsess far too much with the latter over the former? You can drive as many people you like to your site, but if no one is sticking around, buying stuff, or signing up for your newsletter, what’s the point in paying expensive fees to SEO agencies and other online marketing gurus?

The answer is – there is no point. You’re wasting valuable time, money, and resources if you are only concerned with the number of visitors to your website rather than focusing on attracting targeted, high-quality prospects who might like what you have to say or sell.

So, if you are pleased with your enormous rise in traffic numbers, but less so with the sales performance of your online business, read on. Here are some tips to ensure you are attracting the right people to your site.


Improve your analytics knowledge

The first step is simple – learn about Google Analytics. You have to be able to understand where your site is going right – and wrong – and being able to analyze your visitor data will do you a world of good. Look at session duration, bounce rate, and pages per session as a higher indicator of quality traffic than simply the number of visitors you are getting.

Create an abundance of high-quality content

Are your web pages filled with ‘me-too’ blog posts and shallow, weak, and uninteresting ideas that everyone has heard a million times before? If so, it’s time to make a change. Great content – whether it’s blog posts, videos, how-to guides or white papers – helps prove your worth and industry knowledge to any potential visitor. It also helps you rank highly for those keywords that people use to find the products or services they need. When people trust you, they are more likely to become a paying customer than if they don’t – it’s that simple.

Targeted ads

Organic search isn’t the only way you can improve the quality of your traffic – you can do it through paid advertising, too. There’s Google AdWords, LinkedIn, and Facebook ads, as well as using network mediators to help you get in app advertising opportunities. As long as you make sure that your ads, landing pages, and delivery are laser focused on driving real leads – rather than people – to your site, you should get significant success.


Write for others

Are there any authority blogs or magazines in your industry? If so, why not contact them and give them a story – or, even better, guest post on their platform? Sharing your expertise on industry leading websites or association email newsletters is a great way to attract the right kind of people to your site.

Simplify your design

Finally, you can do all the actionable tips listed above, but still not get any leverage regarding leads and interest. If so, there is a good chance that the design of your website is not working. Simplify, remove clutter, and make it easy for visitors to do what you want them to – you will start seeing positive results.

Good luck – and let us know how you get on!