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There are certain things that your customers want from your business that you probably have very little time for. You don’t think twice about providing these things because they won’t affect your business. Yet, they do matter to the customer, and so they should matter to you. Otherwise, you may find that you lose their business because your customer’s needs are not being catered for. With that in mind, let’s look at some of the issues important to clients. These probably fall very low on your list of priorities.

Multiple Purchasing Options


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No doubt, you don’t think twice about how many purchasing options you provide to your customers. After all, does it really matter? One is as good as another, right? Well, that’s not entirely true, particularly for some business models. Indeed, many customers may feel more comfortable buying on credit compared to making cold hard cash purchases, to put it bluntly. This is particularly true for items that are going to take larger chunks out of their bank account.


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Think about luxury items and services such as an interior designer. An interior design job can be incredibly expensive, ranging in the thousands. Very few people will be able to pay this money up front so a credit option is recommended. Of course, an interior design company could also be seen as a risk. As such, you will need a high-risk merchant account. High-risk merchant accounts will provide you with credit options for customers. Even if your businesses financial prospects could be considered risky.

A Little More Than A Business Deal


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When you speak to your customers or your employees interact with them, you should be providing a little more than just a business transaction. You’ll commonly notice this in shopping stores on the tills. Employees know that shoppers expect a little chat. This is quite common in every business transaction. If you take it away, customers will notice. Disney actually does this rather wonderfully with their theme park’s customer service call handling. The agents there always go the extra mile, even talking about their favourite Disney characters. This is the type of extra customers love to see in the business model. It doesn’t need to just be apparent offline either. Even a fun tweet every now and then could do wonders for your business image.



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Finally, you might not be interested in receiving feedback from customers about your business. To an extent, this is understandable because you don’t want them interfering with how you run the company. However, you should remember and take into account that customers know what they want. They understand what you can do that will make them more inclined to buy. Approached this way, it makes sense to take their opinions on board. They could fundamentally change your business for the better with their ideas and concepts. That said, there are plenty of companies that shy away from customer feedback. They don’t want to see negative comments filling their social media and blogs. But you need to think of negative feedback as constructive criticism. Use it to improve your business and customers will certainly thank you for it.


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