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Going green is not just something you can do at home. More and more businesses are embracing a more eco-friendly way of operating. If you haven’t already joined the green movement, it may be time to reconsider. Jumping on the bandwagon could bring multiple benefits. Here are just some of the reasons you should get involved and some tips to help you run a greener company.

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The Benefits of Going Green

Doing your bit

Consumers have a conscience and today, buying into anything that is environmentally-friendly is trendy. Many buyers want to choose products or services that contribute to the planet in a positive manner or reduce the risk of harm, and if you can offer green alternatives, this may be more appealing to customers. We all have a responsibility to do our bit to save the planet, and it’s not just individuals that can make a difference. In fact, companies have an important role to play, as they often use a lot of energy and contribute to pollution levels. If you are proud to be a green business, this shows that you’re committed to making positive moves and setting a good example.

Saving money

Adopting and embracing eco-friendly measures at work is not just about reducing your carbon footprint and trying to lower emissions. Although the primary focus is the environment, going green can also save you a lot of money. Consider how much you spend on energy bills per month, for example, or think about how much your employees spend in commuting costs. If you adopt cleaner production and distribution methods, you encourage eco-friendly travel, and you keep a closer eye on your energy intake, your savings could be significant, especially over the course of a 12-month period.

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Positive image

We live in a society where most people care about the environment. Choosing to be greener is a positive public relations exercise, which could bring rewards when it comes to attracting new clients and pushing sales. If you’re seen to be green, this creates a good first impression, and it will make your company more appealing to consumers who take an active interest in the future of the planet.

Healthy living and productivity

Research conducted by the Green Business Bureau suggests that companies that promote environmentally-friendly ways of working are less likely to lose staff to illness. The number of sick days was 20% lower for green businesses. Sick days have an economic impact, as well as affecting productivity. The healthier the workforce, the more productive the business.


Every company is looking for a way to outshine their rivals and reach the top of the tree. In this day and age, being environmentally conscious can give you the edge over a competitor. If you’ve got a consumer who worries about the planet and makes an effort to embrace green living, they’re going to choose a business that promotes and believes in these values over one that doesn’t.

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Making Your Business Greener

There are countless ways you can make your business greener.

Energy consumption

Even small businesses consume a lot of energy. When the heating is on, the lights are on, and you’ve got phones, computers, printers and a host of other gadgets and gizmos running, the amount of energy you use and money you spend can soon add up. Almost every office could benefit from greener ways of operating. Swap traditional bulbs for energy-saving bulbs and consider installing sensors to avoid lights being on when there’s nobody around. LED bulbs can save you up to $200 per bulb. If you don’t already have a thermostat, check out this HVAC contractor and find out more about updating your current system. A thermostat enables you to set a temperature, and the heating will only come on when the reading falls below your chosen temperature. You can also encourage your employees to use less energy by avoiding leaving anything on standby and making use of energy-saving modes on their laptops and desktop computers. If the technology you use is outdated, it’s also worth looking into more modern versions, which are designed to consume less energy.

It’s also worth paying for an energy audit, which will give you an idea of how energy-efficient your premises are and what you could do to save money. If the office is draughty, for example, plugging in cracks and gaps in the walls and windows could make a significant difference.

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Cleaner commuting

How do your employees get to work each morning? If the majority of people drive or your staff regularly attends meetings in different cities or countries, there are ways of promoting cleaner commuting and eco-friendly travel. Try and use technology to eliminate the need for face to face meetings that require air travel. You could save yourself a huge amount of money in plane tickets, hotels and taxis if you can schedule video conferences, for example. On a daily basis, you’ll be doing your bit for your planet by encouraging colleagues to share lifts or walk or cycle to work. If you own a fleet of vehicles, look into swapping older cars for electric or hybrid vehicles.

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Materials and products

When you’re placing your next stationery order, or you’re ordering cleaning products, opt for recycled goods or products that are made using organic, natural materials. It’s also beneficial to promote recycling at work. Order some boxes or arrange a weekly trip to the recycling plant to drop off paper, cardboard, plastic, and glass.

If your business hasn’t joined the green movement yet, it may be time to consider taking some steps in this direction. Saving the planet can improve your brand image and set you apart from competitors, and it could also save you a huge amount of money. There are many benefits to going green, and there are numerous ways you can do your bit for the planet without making wholesale changes to the way you operate on a daily basis. Simple adjustments could make all the difference, especially in the long-term.