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Strategic Communication

  • Learn what makes you unique
  • Create messaging to help you stand out
  • Develop eye-popping content for appropriate message delivery
  • Integrate your advertising, marketing and public relations efforts

Media Relations

  • Develop pitches that will catch a reporter’s attention
  • Leverage established relationships with news media on local, regional and national levels
  • Prepare you for your close-up with media coaching
  • Maximize exposure on traditional media utilizing social media tactics


  • Your outsourced Chief Marketing Officer
  • Analyze your current strategies and develop more effective outcomes
  • Graphics and illustration services
  • Inbound marketing consulting and management that brings customers to you

Social Media

  • Help you effectively manage your social media presence
  • Establish and perpetuate your brand’s tone of voice
  • Graphics and illustration services
  • Convert your customers into brand ambassadors

Doug Hall

CEO at Musselman & Hall Contractors

"Alex has done a great job getting us up to date with our social media and PR program. He is terrific."

Amanda Hromco

Associate Director of Strategy

"Alex was such a pleasure to work with for several new store openings for The Limited. His expertise and attention to detail were superlative to the successful launch of a specific market for the brand. I would definitely work with Alex again on future projects and highly recommend his energy and enthusiasm for any future PR outreach."

Jessica Marsh

Meetings, Events and Travel Incentive Coordinator at Motivation Through Incentives

"I had the privilege of collaborating with Alex on a 100 Year Celebration for a mutual client. He is the best in the business. His level of professionalism is top notch and his desire to learn about other’s industries was refreshing. As an Event Coordinator you work alongside many personalities and professions and not everyone is always willing to work together. Alex understands that in order for the end product to be the best everyone involved with the process has to be their best. He was willing to learn, teach, create friendships and encourage. I cannot think of better qualities you would want in a business partner. It’s not just about business to Alex; it’s about establishing and maintaining relationships."

Brian Hutton

Director of Product Development at Crown Brands LLC

"Alex is an innovative marketer who helped us to jumpstart the social media program (at a previous employer). His efforts raised us to one of the top social media players in our competitive set."

Greg Howard

ACA Made Easy

"Alex and his team have done an outstanding job of connecting my company with the right people, helping us clarify our message and getting that message out to our target audience. PR is always much more effective than advertising and Alex is the master of PR."

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