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Customer service skills are a difficult thing to communicate effectively. Whether working in a customer facing role, or working in a contact center environment. You have many things fighting against you in a contact center environment. Firstly, not being able to see the customer means you have just to rely on their voice, which is only one factor when it comes to communication. Secondly, a bad phone line can make a customer more frustrated than they were. When it comes to speaking with a client over the phone, whether to solve a problem or to sell an item, there are skills customer service representatives should have when it comes to having the right relationship with a customer.

Communication Skills

Communication can mean many things. It covers many aspects, from the words you choose to use to the tone of voice you have. When working face to face, body language skills helps to reduce the customer’s negative preconceptions of you and the business. When speaking to someone over the office phone systems, email, or in person, certain negative words can have a negative impact. If, for example, you have solved a customer query and they say “thank you”, as a response, you could say something as simple as “no problem.” Even though it is in a positive context, it could impact a customer negatively. This is because it could imply there is a “problem”. Using direct and positive language, rather than terms that might confuse the customer is a better approach to take.

Time Management Skills

When you are selling an item, you essentially have a time limit, which is from the opening of business to the close. Learning to make use of that time efficiently in your trading hours is an essential skill. Your role as a customer service representative is to sell the products and the business to the customer. Another important thing to be aware of is when you are unable to help a customer, so another member of the team can come to help, or you can ask for assistance from the team leader/line manager.


This skill is essential. You will encounter many customer that are frustrated and confused with service, or their product. Having a calm and patient temperament will serve you well when you serve them. Customers would prefer you to deliver excellent service over fast service. Working to get them seen to quickly, and then sending them away will only frustrate them more.

Knowledge Of The Product

The one thing you cannot fly blindly through when facing a customer is the actual product itself. In essence, you need to be sure of what you are talking about. If a customer comes to you with an issue with their item or product, and you are unable to help them through it. It’s not just poor customer service, but it reflects badly on the store too.

Ultimately, when it comes to giving excellent customer service, establishing a healthy relationship with the client is key. They are relying on you to solve their problem or to give advice, or sell you a product with honesty and approachability. Trust is the name of the game when it comes to excellent customer service. Build that relationship on a foundation of trust.


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