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Survey: Public Relations Valued As Revenue and Brand Builder

The 2016 AGPR Public Relations Survey is complete, and the results generally bode well for the practice of Public Relations, its use as a viable business builder and the general attitude of those who work with PR professionals.

Conducted In February/March 2016, the unscientific survey was conducted online and promoted via social media. The number of respondents who completed the survey was below survey targets, but there were enough data collected to create a snapshot about the state of Public Relations in business today.

First, the demographics of the respondents:

  • 54% male, 46% female.
  • Geographically, respondents were located across the USA.
  • The majority of respondents were between the ages of 40 and 59, though we also had responses from people in their 20s, 30s and 60s.
  • All respondents claimed employment; 80% working full time. The majority of respondents work in the Professional Services sector.

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 11.08.23 AM








  • Fully 75% of respondents either hired, supervised or worked directly with the PR team.

Then it gets more interesting.

  • 42% work at a company that employs a PR professional.
  • 42% work with a PR agency.
  • 8% work with a solo PR consultant.
  • The rest do not work with a PR pro, firm or consultant.

Services provided by the PR team leaned heavily on press releases (media relations), social media content/community management and brand strategy. Respondents also selected marketing consultation and crisis communications as services provided.

When asked what aspects of PR are “beneficial to my company’s success” the answers focused heavily on financial growth and brand management:

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 10.54.44 AM

This is a huge statement, as it ascribes a direct return on investment to public relations services. Respondents believe that PR builds revenue and increases brand awareness. We submit that working hand in glove with marketing and sales, even a modest public relations program can become a vital, indispensable factor in the growth of a company, organization or brand.

Respondents also believe, to a lesser degree, that PR differentiates a brand from its competitors and can protect it in a crisis. Speaking for ourselves, we use tools like social media to create a brand “tone of voice” for clients that can effectively convey positive brand messages in a crisis situation. This, along with more traditional crisis com practices, enhances our ability to work with the news media in a crisis situation.

Perhaps the biggest news from the survey was that 74% of respondents valued PR services ROI at Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 10.51.32 AMabove average or excellent.












Clearly, there is a need and appreciation for public relations services in today’s business environment as an engine for brand and revenue building. AGPR looks forward to working with you, your brand or organization to enhance awareness, revenues and customer engagement.

McDonald’s Feeds TV Weather Pros All-Day Breakfast

By Alex Greenwood

In a bid to shore up shaky sales, fast food behemoth McDonalds recently (October 2015) introduced its “All-Day Breakfast Menu,” thus ensuring those who suffer from Egg McMuffin withdrawals after 10:30 a.m. can get their fix.

It also fixed (or is starting to) the company’s sagging bottom line. To get some free juice (heh, see what I did there?) about this popular move, Ronald and Co. used a clever PR and social media tactic to crack a few more eggs: your local TV weatherperson.

On Super Bowl Sunday, McDonalds declared “national weatherperson’s day” with the hashtag  and sent “all-day breakfast” baskets with breakfast samples and coupons to TV weather gurus nationwide (coinciding with running a :30 spot on TV).Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 7.41.48 AM







It apparently worked, as many delighted TV weatherpersons took to social media to thank Mickey D’s–including some of Kansas City’s local favorites:

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 7.47.29 AM Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 7.47.10 AM








Looks like a winner, doesn’t it? What creative idea melding news and social media might work for your company? The comments section is open.

Or, if you want to see how AGPR can work with you on such a fun promotion, how about we chew it over together while enjoying an Egg McMuffin? Give us a call! 816.945.AGPR.




International Network Of Independent PR Firms Increases Reach & Power

AGPR of Kansas City is celebrating six years in business by announcing it has accepted an invitation to join Unified Strategies Public Relations Network (USPR), an international network of independent Public Relations and Marketing Communications professionals.

“We strive to bring a strategic, nimble and smart approach to the table for our clients,” said Alex Greenwood, AGPR principal and founder. “USPR has that same professional commitment, so when they asked us to join we knew it was a natural move for our continued growth.”

“USPR is honored to welcome AGPR as its newest member,” said Susan Hamburg, CEO of Unified Strategies Public Relations. “Our network brings together some of the brightest, most talented PR and Marketing Communications professionals in the world in an effort to share expertise, develop new business and provide members with reach well-beyond their traditional territories.”

PrintWith more than 50 members representing every major market in North America, fast-growing USPR was founded by Susan Hamburg of Susan Hamburg Marketing and Public Relations Consultants in Orlando, FL, and Bob Schiers founder of RAS Associates Public Relations in Philadelphia, PA.  The two business partners have worked together on numerous client projects that include Fortune 500 companies for more than 10 years. They also have more than 50 years of PR and Marketing experience between them.

“We’re very pleased that Alex’s team at AGPR is now our USPR member in Kansas City, Missouri and the state of Kansas,” said USPR President and co-founder, Bob Schiers. “AGPR’s membership in USPR not only provides every other member of our network with outstanding resources in Kansas City, Missouri and the entire state of Kansas, but also extends the reach of AGPR throughout North America.  Working in concert and drawing upon deep experience and expertise, the network is a formidable and cost-effective force for clients that need PR and Marketing Communications support in virtually every type of business or industry,” Schiers said.

USPR Large Round jpgIn addition to Marketing and PR agencies with vast local and regional knowledge, another vital part of the USPR network is its bank of prominent experts. Clients benefit from a group of specialists with expertise in areas that include social media and analytics, diversity, millennial marketing, healthcare marketing, design, content development, crisis communications, B2B marketing, media buying, strategic marketing and Hispanic affairs. Some in the group also offers translation services in languages that include Spanish and French.

As one of the fastest growing communications networks in the world. USPR is still in its growth phase and has plans for expansion into Europe, Mexico, South America and Asia.


Companies that partner with AGPR (formerly AlexanderG PR. LLC), benefit from an experienced team that utilizes creative public relations, management improvement and social media strategies. AGPR’s service extends beyond ‘PR’ into social media strategy and online community management, crisis communications, strategic planning, management consulting, marketing and business development. The AGPR team has more than 80 years combined experience with C-Suite executives, university presidents, non-profit executives, municipalities, business owners and community leaders in helping their organizations prosper.

Previous and current AGPR clientele operate in diverse fields including healthcare, higher education, financial services, manufacturing, retail, broadcasting, professional associations and entertainment. AGPR has also worked with numerous national brands, including Tide, 7-Eleven, The Limited, Louisiana Hot Sauce, Travelocity and Duracell. Local companies AGPR has served include Musselman & Hall, Delden Garage Doors, Missouri Association of Nurse Anesthetists, German Outdoor and Discover Vintage America magazine.

Learn more at or call 816.945.AGPR. Meetings by appointment at the Brookside Modern Building, 751 East 63rd Street Third Floor West, Kansas City, Missouri.


USPR is an international network of independent Public Relations and Marketing Communications firms located throughout North America.  Launched in June 2015, USPR has expanded rapidly and in less than one year has more, than 50 members covering every major market in the United States and Canada, and plans to expand the network to Europe, Mexico, South America and Asia. Co-founded and owned and operated by Susan Hamburg of Orlando, FL and Bob Schiers of Philadelphia, PA, USPR is grounded in local market knowledge, well-earned expertise and an ongoing commitment to integrity – the very cornerstone of its existence. To learn more about USPR go to:

Google Fiber Makes Amends for Royal #Fail

By Alex Greenwood

When the Major League Baseball team of your flagship city for the zippy new high speed internet and television service makes it to its second consecutive World Series, it’s not a good thing to suffer an outage. That’s unfortunately what happened to our friends at Google Fiber. During game one of the series, I and my 27,000 fellow Fiber users in Kansas City didn’t see Alcides Escobar’s first-pitch inside-the-park home run in the bottom of the first inning. (Fox Sports also had an outage. Never mind that. If I talk about that I have to use the name J– B—.)

I was p-o’ed to say the least, and my Twitter feed showed it:

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 11.20.42 AM Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 11.20.58 AM









And yep, I Tweeted that I wanted a refund. Hey, what can I say, it was the World Series! Google Fiber eventually posted a weak apology on Twitter and got it fixed. I have since forgiven them, but I would not forget.

Then this turned up in my inbox today:

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 11.16.27 AM








Wow! A nice apology and two day’s credit. Classy, Google Fiber. Just like the Kansas City Royals.

The lesson here is simple: when you have a failure, apologize and do your best to make it right.

Well played!

(Just please don’t drop the ball again.)

Hulsey Helps Businesses Swim–Not Just Tread Water

More and more, we at AGPR find ourselves acting not just in the capacity of a public relations, social media and marketing agency, but also as a general business consultancy. That’s one reason we’re excited and proud to announce a new member of the AGPR team. Mike Hulsey will head up our general business consulting operation and our new satellite office in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Mike and I go way back to the days when he was CFO and I was VP of Marketing for a health management firm–for years we’ve hoped to find a way to work together again and here it is! Read on to learn more about Mike.–Alex Greenwood

Mike Hulsey works as a “swimming coach”. Not in the traditional sense, but one that involves coaching businesses to stop treading water. For 25 years, Mike has worked with hundreds of small businesses in an effort to identify weakness, build strength, and create systems to maintain stability.

With degrees in Public Relations and Political Science, along with post-degree education in accounting and marketing, Mike brings to the table a wealth of knowledge and skill in the art of correcting the myriad maladies of business. He simply lives to help the dysfunctional small business move in a positive direction, setting out a plan to achieve greatness for every client.

Mike Hulsey

Mike Hulsey

Fresh out of The University of Oklahoma, Mike’s career began with promoting public transit ridership, creating successful safety programs and then setting a national standard for public/private agreements for operations of public parking services. Along the way, he analyzed and instituted programs to increase revenues for the parking programs by more than four times the original income in less than two years.

Operating his own accounting firm, Mike set up hundreds of new corporations, including setting up their accounting systems and creating business plans featuring marketing, budgeting, and financing strategies.

For established businesses, Mike works tirelessly to find new markets, tighten money management, improve cash flow, and correct collection failures. He has worked extensively in community development, health care and energy industries.

Mike embraces participation in professional groups as a tool to learn and network. He has past and current memberships in many local Chambers of Commerce, The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the American Association of Professional Landmen, the Kansas Hospital Association and the International Downtown Association.

When Mike is able to stray away from business consulting for a few moments, he enjoys family, friends, making new friends and the sharing of great American wines.

We took a few minutes to talk with Mike about his career, work and what he likes best about what he does.

Alex: Mike, you have a wide variety of professional certifications and experience–is that part of what drew you to management consulting? In other words, did your exposure to business owners and teams lead you to this profession?

Mike: I’ve always been fascinated by the confluence of business, government, and people and how they inter-relate. From as far back as I can remember, I was playing with mini-economic systems, (towns, if you will) in my neighborhood and engaging the neighborhood kids to participate with stores, stock exchanges, local governments and what not. We even printed up play money and contracts for transactions and sales. I suppose I just kept on with that and have been drawn to any type of business operation I could experience. 

I’m hopelessly drawn to people who constantly evolve with new ideas. I may shoot most of them down, as my friends will tell you, but if I think it’s good, I’m instantly fascinated to help it come to fruition.  

Alex: You seem very comfortable working with the government, whereas many business people find the government annoying at best and terrifying at worst. Could you talk about your past interactions on behalf of clients/employers working with the government?

Mike: My first degree being Political Science, I was directed at the dream of someday becoming the White House Chief of Staff, or at least the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. But after only a month of working on a political campaign, I just got a queasy feeling about politics. I have a huge respect for government and its challenges and feel the U.S. Constitution to be the most important document to ever be conceived by man. Conversely, this drives me to also be suspicious of government and its power.

History tells us that governments methodically seek more and more power. I have worked on behalf of many clients in moving through the immense field of regulations to acquire licenses for new businesses or fight tax issues. I generally find a way to find a common ground for both my client and the administrative agency we are dealing with to come to a win-win solution. I don’t like to burn bridges, just build them.

Alex: What prompted you to leave CPA practice?

Mike: An opportunity popped up at a time when I was facing some tough family issues. Also, I had promised myself in 1982–when the oil industry collapsed–that the next energy boom would include me, and since I was tiring of late nights and weekends at the office to get accounting reports completed, I jumped into the oil business. I have not regretted that move.

Alex: It’s interesting when you look at your experience in the health, energy, municipal and financial sectors. ls there a common thread that runs through every sector?

Mike: Alex, that’s a great question! And one I’ve never really pondered. In each of these sectors I’ve seen it happen: both good news and bad news have the same effect to make the organization better or make it fail. It gets down to how it gets spun.

Alex: Who or what is your ideal client?

Mike: The simple answer is: the one that finds me their ideal advisor.  But I must say that I seek a client that really does need some help in a certain aspect, or even better–has just become lost and feels as if they are drowning–but at the same time is still passionate enough to want to make the business “rock”.

Alex: Walk us through what you do for your clients.

Mike: I abhor long meetings, so I will sit down with a client and conduct very quick interviews, initially away from the business, and then at the business, to get a feel for the issues they want to correct or improve upon. Then I’ll run through a checklist developed over many, many years of experience by several very smart folks and from there, begin working up the methods that will make their business thrive.

AG: What’s your favorite aspect of your work?

Mike: Getting the stress off the owner or manager and seeing the client smile.

AG: You have a degree in public relations. Will you be offering PR advice as part of your consulting services?

Mike: Let’s face it–business is all about public relations. I look at the business from the outside. And from the outside, I mean at two very different levels: first from the customer viewpoint, and then from the universe’s standpoint. I think this way, it allows an analysis to see a long terms. But the real beauty here, is that with AGPR, a team approach will be involved in developing the public relations piece to the puzzle.

Alex: What should clients expect when working with you?

Mike: Value.

Alex: How did you come to work with AGPR?

Mike: An inevitable evolution. You (Alex) and I have been longtime friends and I think we knew that at some point, both of us would have to work together again, but this time, on our own terms to afford us the opportunity to unite in making the world a better place.

Alex: Amen, Mike. Welcome aboard! If you’d like to work with Mike to stop treading water and start swimming, feel free to email him here or call 405.535.6038. Follow him on Twitter @MikeHulsey1. He’s on LinkedIn, also, here.


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