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10 Things I Learned Speaking in Curacao

10 Things I Learned Speaking in Curacao

Last week, I had the privilege and pleasure of joining my colleague Mike Brown of The Brainzooming Group to talk at the second Social Media and Content Workshop, hosted by the Curacao Tourist Board. Mike, who had spoken at the first workshop in 2016, covered branding and inbound marketing topics, while my session covered Facebook advertising and marketing. We had a splendid time on this gorgeous island in the Dutch Caribbean, and I learned a few things along the way about Facebook marketing, speaking, and of course, the incredible people of Curacao.

What To Look For In An Executive Recruit For Your Firm

Growing a business from the grassroots is a monumental achievement. Many businesses fail in their first two years, and most entrepreneurs have a long line of failures before they can boast any form of success. However, if a combination of hard work, perseverance, and maybe just a little bit of luck have paid off and allowed you to expand your operation in directions you never thought possible, you’re likely going to want to find more staff.

The Millennials Give Business Lessons About Growth

Millennials are renowned for being the largest workforce population at the moment. Similarly, they are also the most demanding employees as they don’t stay long with companies that don’t understand their needs. For most companies, the millennials are an employment hazard: They can drive an increase in productivity, but they can also raise the staff turnover rate. Some companies even try to avoid hiring millennials – that is anybody who is under 35 – before they fear that their social behavior is not compatible with the reality of an office. In truth, Millennials are the demographic personification of the learnings from the previous generations: It’s about work/life balance, honesty, and the desire to contribute to a variety of projects. As a result, it’s not uncommon for millennials to find it difficult to settle down in traditional workplace environments that don’t understand their social evolution. However, the business world has proven it more than once: There is a lot that can be said from taking inspiration from the millennial mindset.