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Does Your Business Need the Cloud to Go Sky High?

If you run any kind of business, are thinking about starting a business, or are interested in technology, then you’ve no doubt been hearing a lot about the cloud. People often talk about it as though it’s the greatest, most revolutionary thing since sliced bread. (We can ignore the fact that the Internet in general is as revolutionary as people often say it is, nor is it as widespread.) So if you’re involved in a business, then you’re probably wondering if cloud computing is really worth it.

AGPR’s Greenwood to Talk #InboundMarketing at Sprint Accelerator

AGPR Principal and Founder Alex Greenwood will present a talk on “Inbound Marketing for High-Growth Startups” Wednesday March 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM at the Sprint Accelerator in downtown Kansas City. The event is part of the Enterprise Center in Johnson County’s Marketing Series, which takes an in-depth look at the science and analytics behind marketing campaigns–from the basics of growth hacking to ins-and-outs of content marketing.

How To Protect Your Company From Financial Disaster

Even if your business has a strong model and a professional team of hard-working employees, there are always concerns looming overhead. Predominantly, money is the worry which plagues employers. Profits may be on the rise, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t fretting constantly about the possibility of financial ruin or simply a loss of important assets to the company. It can become rather overwhelming to consider all the possible things your business needs to juggle in order to avoid problems, but here are some helpful pieces of advice which might help protect your company in the event of an internal financial crisis.

Common Factors Overlooked By Businesses

In the early days, you’re taking care of every detail, so what does it really matter who else is on your team as you march into the future? Maybe it doesn’t matter so much, initially…but at what point will you be not OK with doing everything yourself? At that point, you’re going to wish that you’d hired the people you really need straight away, because the cost of hiring the wrong person can be much higher than you might like. In the end, your success will come down to who you hire as much as how good you and your idea is. Get it right.

How to Work with Annoying

Picture yourself in a meeting (don’t worry, this won’t be as boring). Picture the guy who’s always late sitting next to the woman checking her watch constantly. Remember the one person who explains things with too many words and the guy who has ideas that make zero sense in regard to the objective. Ugh, how annoying.