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How To Connect With Powerful Influencers To Boost Your Business

It’s a fact that when you’re starting up a business, the contacts you have are one of the most important weapons at your disposal. Business is people, the broader your network the more likely you are to hear about opportunities first, find investment and spread buzz about what you have to offer. We all dream of coming into the orbit of a powerful business titan who can boost the fortunes of our company. But if we do cross paths, how can we make the most of the opportunity?

Be Your Own Boss: Escape The Daily Grind

You get out of bed, drag yourself into work, spend all day working hard to make other people rich, then you go home. Repeat. Does this sound like your day? Do you feel like the hardest working person in your office, but get little reward or recognition for your efforts? It could be time for a career change, and one that puts you into a business that runs as a meritocracy. Below are three options for going it alone, and taking control of your earning potential. None are easy routes to take, but all can offer a very comfortable salary should you do well.

How to Keep the Cash Flowing Through Your Business

Running a business is always going to be hard, but what makes it harder is not understanding cash flow and how to manage it. If the cash is not flowing through your business in the way it needs to, it can really spell trouble for you. It will leave you in a situation where you don’t know where to turn or even how to keep the business afloat. No one wants to be in that kind of situation, so here’s how to keep the cash flowing through your company.