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The Critical Importance Of Lead Validation In Internet Marketing

It’s a bad idea to compare apples with oranges, but in many cases Internet marketers don’t even know which ones are which. By paying attention to just the raw conversion numbers, all they have is a box simply labeled “Fruit.” Without validating the leads generated through their campaigns, they can’t separate the apples and the oranges — or fine-tune their campaigns so they get the ones they want.

Climbing The Search Engine Rankings (Without An SEO Company)

The position at which your website sits on search engines such as Google can greatly affect the amount of business you get. If your business website appears on page 1, you’re going to get a lot of people checking out your website. If your site doesn’t show up until page 40, you’ll be lucky to get any visitors at all. Paying an SEO company to boost your rankings is generally a worthwhile venture. However, it can also be costly. Fortunately, there are ways to do your own SEO for those on a tight budget. Here’s how…

The One-Two Punch: Inbound Marketing and Public Relations

After working more than twenty-five years in the public relations field, I’ve seen numerous changes in the profession. In particular, I’ve observed a subtle blurring of the lines between PR and marketing. At first it was because “marketing” became a catchall word used by many for anything to do with increasing awareness and/or supporting sales: advertising, speaking, and yes, public relations. It was basically semantics. However, with the relatively new concept of inbound marketing, I don’t see a blurring of the lines so much as I see a winning “one-two” punch combining these similar disciplines for our clients.

Keeping Ahead Online

Getting ahead of your competitors online is a difficult task in itself, but remaining there is far more difficult. Like leading a marathon, if you don’t have the knowledge, resources and pace to stay at the front, lift up just a little and the rest of the field will come flying past you. There are lots of tips, tricks and tactics to stay ahead online, a few of them work, most of them don’t, so follow the advice below and ensure that your website and online presence is always optimized to keep you ahead online.