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Do Pop-Up Ads Actually Work?

Ask anybody what the most annoying thing about the internet is and they’ll probably say pop-ups. Everybody has an adblocker installed so they can avoid those irritating ads that get in your way when you’re trying to use a site. In the early days of the internet they were absolutely everywhere, then some genius gave us the ability to block them. So if nobody is seeing them then your company shouldn’t be spending money on them, right? Surprisingly, a lot of companies are still spending a good amount of their marketing budget on pop-up ads, but do they actually work?

Surprising Elements Your Law Firm Might Be Missing

If you are running your own law firm, you might well be running into a few problems. Law firms can be notoriously difficult to get right, and there are a huge number of things which can go wrong, or just not quite be up to scratch. The truth is that there are a few elements which are often missing from relatively young law firms, and it is worth taking a look at the following to see whether or not you could do with improving your own practices today. Does your law firm have all of these going on?