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In school, being in with the popular group meant getting all the perks. Hence, many kids on the outside wanted to get in on the action. But, some of us were too stubborn to be interested in any of that. We knew that the really cool kids didn’t need that kind of attention. And anyway, we knew that popularity didn’t matter in the real world.

Sadly, we were wrong. Not about the cool kid part, because no one can deny that. But, popularity matters in every walk of life, and that never changes. You may not need cool friends to meet the love of your life anymore. But, you do need them if you want to get places in business. In many ways, you could argue that popularity matters more in the adult world. When you were a kid, it was all about status. Now, it’s about keeping your business running and securing that roof over your head.

When you think about it, it’s fairly obvious who you should be friends with in the business world. But, to help you along, we’re going to look at who rules this playground, and how you can get on their good side.

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Big corporations

It should go without saying that the big corporations are at the front of this race. These are the prom kings and queens of business. And, if you want your product to receive any decent attention, you need to make the right impression on them. Getting your brand seen in their stores could spell the start of everything. Whether your aim is Amazon or Walmart, you need to do your research and get your name known at the top. With a little effort, you can find the emails and names which matter. And, if you manage to impress by email, you may well be invited to give the pitch of your career.

Search engines

Not much further down, we have the jocks and cheerleaders of the business world. Search engines like Google are well respected by businesses and customers alike. If you can get these guys to take you seriously, you stand a much better chance of increasing sales. Not to mention that high search rankings hold weight when it comes to the big businesses. But, how do you make friends with someone like this? You turn to the help of companies like VT Web Marketing. Using search engine optimization, they can ensure you rate high in a search engine ranking. And, that’s all there is to it.

Other popular companies

It’s also crucial to think a little closer to home. By developing relationships with successful small companies, you’re making friends with those jokers who just about made it into the popular group. A shout out from one of these guys is a seal of approval with weight. Not only will this boost customer interest, but it’ll also let larger fish know who you are. So, start at the bottom. You don’t know where it might get you.