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Breaking The Rules Will Lead To A PR Nightmare

Businesses operate under a variety of different laws and regulations. These laws and rules are important because if you don’t follow them your business could be in serious trouble. You might have difficulty marketing your business, you could get up in court, or your product might be pulled off the shelves. As such, it is worth being aware of the types of rules and regulations that you need to abide by when running a company. Otherwise, even a great PR campaign won’t save your business from the fallout.

Sharing What We Know

Need a dynamic, fun speaker for your next conference, seminar or keynote address? Look no further than Alex Greenwood, who gives frank, fun and fearless talks and training about a variety of subjects. Alex has spoken for more than 20 years to companies, organizations,...

5 Factors For Your Funding Plan

When it comes to pulling together information for your new business, you can often focus a lot of the ideas, the growth, and the sales. While each of these areas is hugely important and should always take up the bulk of any business plan, you should also try to put as much time and effort as possible into your financial planning too. A lot of new businesses need funding. And if you want to ensure that you’re starting off on the right foot, you need to ensure that you’ve considered all of the factors that will cost you. So let’s take a look at five key factors you should consider for your funding plan.

The Business Sectors That Need More Booming

Plenty of business sectors exist nowadays, and as a result, there’s a load of new jobs springing up that require a great variance in skills. No matter who you are, you’re guaranteed to find a job one day with whatever skills you have currently. Yet, there are some sectors that are declining due to this. Below are a few business worlds that need workers more than ever in our modern age.

From Yappy Annoyance To Playing With The Big Boys In Three Simple Steps

When starting out in business, we often focus on consumers and how to make them notice us. And that is, of course, crucial. But, customer relations aren’t the only thing you should focus on if you have success in your sights.

As your enterprise grows, you may also need to deal with other companies. This is often where the big bucks come from. If you can get a serious company to place a large order, you’ll make more money than you estimated in a year.