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How to Work with Annoying

Picture yourself in a meeting (don’t worry, this won’t be as boring). Picture the guy who’s always late sitting next to the woman checking her watch constantly. Remember the one person who explains things with too many words and the guy who has ideas that make zero sense in regard to the objective. Ugh, how annoying.

But Wait, What is PR?

Before asking if public relations is right for you or your organization, you must first understand what the heck it is. PR professionals aren’t marketers, don’t buy ad space, don’t write for the news or create advertisements. Instead, we tell stories (what, you want me to pay for that?).

It’s More Than 140 Characters

With 156.5 million Facebook users and 67 million Twitter users in the United States alone, it is clear social media has become nothing less than a social norm. As marketers know, social media is crucial for any business and can be an effective tool. Easily accessible, social media is measurable, has excellent analytics and features video and photo. Heads are buried in phones and fingers are constantly moving across keyboards. Social media is simply the way of today.