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International Network Of Independent PR Firms Increases Reach & Power

AGPR of Kansas City is celebrating six years in business by announcing it has accepted an invitation to join Unified Strategies Public Relations Network (USPR), an international network of independent Public Relations and Marketing Communications professionals.

“We strive to bring a strategic, nimble and smart approach to the table for our clients,” said Alex Greenwood, AGPR principal and founder. “USPR has that same professional commitment, so when they asked us to join we knew it was a natural move for our continued growth.”

“USPR is honored to welcome AGPR as its newest member,” said Susan Hamburg, CEO of Unified Strategies Public Relations. “Our network brings together some of the brightest, most talented PR and Marketing Communications professionals in the world in an effort to share expertise, develop new business and provide members with reach well-beyond their traditional territories.”

PrintWith more than 50 members representing every major market in North America, fast-growing USPR was founded by Susan Hamburg of Susan Hamburg Marketing and Public Relations Consultants in Orlando, FL, and Bob Schiers founder of RAS Associates Public Relations in Philadelphia, PA.  The two business partners have worked together on numerous client projects that include Fortune 500 companies for more than 10 years. They also have more than 50 years of PR and Marketing experience between them.

“We’re very pleased that Alex’s team at AGPR is now our USPR member in Kansas City, Missouri and the state of Kansas,” said USPR President and co-founder, Bob Schiers. “AGPR’s membership in USPR not only provides every other member of our network with outstanding resources in Kansas City, Missouri and the entire state of Kansas, but also extends the reach of AGPR throughout North America.  Working in concert and drawing upon deep experience and expertise, the network is a formidable and cost-effective force for clients that need PR and Marketing Communications support in virtually every type of business or industry,” Schiers said.

USPR Large Round jpgIn addition to Marketing and PR agencies with vast local and regional knowledge, another vital part of the USPR network is its bank of prominent experts. Clients benefit from a group of specialists with expertise in areas that include social media and analytics, diversity, millennial marketing, healthcare marketing, design, content development, crisis communications, B2B marketing, media buying, strategic marketing and Hispanic affairs. Some in the group also offers translation services in languages that include Spanish and French.

As one of the fastest growing communications networks in the world. USPR is still in its growth phase and has plans for expansion into Europe, Mexico, South America and Asia.


Companies that partner with AGPR (formerly AlexanderG PR. LLC), benefit from an experienced team that utilizes creative public relations, management improvement and social media strategies. AGPR’s service extends beyond ‘PR’ into social media strategy and online community management, crisis communications, strategic planning, management consulting, marketing and business development. The AGPR team has more than 80 years combined experience with C-Suite executives, university presidents, non-profit executives, municipalities, business owners and community leaders in helping their organizations prosper.

Previous and current AGPR clientele operate in diverse fields including healthcare, higher education, financial services, manufacturing, retail, broadcasting, professional associations and entertainment. AGPR has also worked with numerous national brands, including Tide, 7-Eleven, The Limited, Louisiana Hot Sauce, Travelocity and Duracell. Local companies AGPR has served include Musselman & Hall, Delden Garage Doors, Missouri Association of Nurse Anesthetists, German Outdoor and Discover Vintage America magazine.

Learn more at or call 816.945.AGPR. Meetings by appointment at the Brookside Modern Building, 751 East 63rd Street Third Floor West, Kansas City, Missouri.


USPR is an international network of independent Public Relations and Marketing Communications firms located throughout North America.  Launched in June 2015, USPR has expanded rapidly and in less than one year has more, than 50 members covering every major market in the United States and Canada, and plans to expand the network to Europe, Mexico, South America and Asia. Co-founded and owned and operated by Susan Hamburg of Orlando, FL and Bob Schiers of Philadelphia, PA, USPR is grounded in local market knowledge, well-earned expertise and an ongoing commitment to integrity – the very cornerstone of its existence. To learn more about USPR go to:

“The Ultimate Measure of a Man…”

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I Don’t Have A Crystal Ball


By Noah Smith

Sadly I must admit the post title is true: I have no crystal ball. I can’t make any predictions, from who may win the Super Bowl to what social media trends we shall see in 2016.

No it's not a crystal ball. As I said, I do not have one. Or even a photo of one, as logical as that would be in a post like this.

No it’s not a crystal ball. As I said, I do not have one–or even a photo of one, as logical as that would be in a post like this.

But I can still toss in my two cents.

Read this article by Inc. and see what they’re predicting…then come back and I’ll support or deny their claims.

Let’s focus on their first three points, social at work, texting and live video.

Social at Work

Yes. Whether companies truly have a say in it, people are doing more social media at work than any other time–if not on their computers then on their smart phones. People have almost ubiquitous access to it so companies might as well embrace it and let employees view it on their computers. At least they’re looking at the same screen and not missing anything when they’re looking down at their phones.


I have seen some brands do great work with this, letting people ask questions via text. In many cases, this has virtually taken over the customer service aspect at malls where shoppers have questions on where certain shops are. This is a brilliant thing.

Let people text your company and ask what they need–then respond. It’s a lot faster than a call and I think most individuals prefer texting to phone calls now. I’m not saying it will work in every situation, but there are plenty of scenarios where it should flourish.

Live Video

Last year was just the tip of the iceberg with live video content. With the newest member, Blab out it’s at the point where it will start to garner more attention and budgets.

What I’m looking for is more strategy and how to measure the results. Since video is so personal, does that you mean you got more or less for your marketing efforts? I have no clue but I hope to start seeing some strategies that can assist in measuring it.

Enough from me, what do you think 2016 will bring in terms of social media? A better Facebook reach? Ha, that’d be a Christmas miracle.

Have a great new year…perhaps we will circle back in December and see if I was right about any of this.


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