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So Much to Learn, So Little Time.

Molly helping Alex with his pre-interview nerves at KCTV.

Molly helping Alex with his pre-interview nerves at KCTV.



By Molly Brown

My time at Alexander G Public Relations has come to a close. Wait…didn’t I just get here? Yes. A week and a half ago I began my internship here and today I will walk away with so much knowledge about Public Relations. But unfortunately, duty calls – that duty being college – so I must get back to K-State to continue furthering my education. Don’t get me wrong, I love Manhattan, my friends, the Wildcats, and everything about K-State, but there is so much to learn right here (the best part is that there are no exams and a minimum amount of homework). Jokes aside, I’d like to share with you the top 10 lessons I learned during my internship here at Alexander G Public Relations.

  1. I’m where I want to be. Being here has made me realize I made a good decision choosing Public Relations as my major. I’ve loved the work I’ve done here and can easily see myself making this my lifelong career.
  2. Blogging is spectacular. Last week I wrote my first blog post on Paul Medina, I loved seeing it online. I also wrote another post during this week and yesterday I even started my own WordPress blog.
  3. There are secrets to social media. A magician never reveals their secrets, but I’m sure that what I learned will be very beneficial.
  4. Creativity is key. Just because you’re writing a press release, that doesn’t mean it has to be boring, don’t be afraid to use creativity in your writing. Also, catchy and original headlines are a MUST.
  5. It’s OK to tweet a lot. Building your Twitter following is actually important because sharing online is a big part of the job. Having a lot of followers and tweets shows that you have a good idea of what you’re doing.
  6. PR includes lots of writing. My love of writing is the reason I chose journalism. If I’m being honest, when I switched to PR, I kind of thought I was saying goodbye to writing, but that’s not true. Writing is a big part of PR.

  7. I (mostly) understand LinkedIn now. I may only be at 37 connections, but thanks to Alex, I was able to spiff up my profile. I’m making it my goal to regularly check my LinkedIn and continue to learn.
  8. I love being behind the scenes. Going to KCTV5 was such a cool experience. Although I’m not the type of person to jump in front of the camera, I love seeing what goes on in order to broadcast the news on TV.
  9. It is acceptable to conduct an e-mail interview. Maybe I shouldn’t admit this, but sometimes face-to-face interviews are not my favorite. It’s mpossible to write down everything the person is saying. What I learned is that sometimes e-mail interviews are OK and to me they can be just as informative as face to face. It also gives the interviewee more time to think about what they want to say.
  10. Interns can break records. I’m not typically one to brag, but I was informed this morning that my second blog post for the website broke the record for number of hits in one day. The previous record was 103 and I shattered that record with 127 hits in one day. Of course when I first wrote the blog I thought – Oh this is dumb, I doubt anyone will read it. – So I am very proud of myself!

Thank you Alex, Noah, and Erica for teaching me and letting me join your team for such a short amount of time. I’ve loved my experience here and I can’t wait to get back to school and share what I’ve learned with all of my PR friends.


Find me on Twitter! @mollzz94

Molly, it was our pleasure! Come back and see us on your way to the top!–Alex 

Part 2: 9 Video Interview Tips – Pants Not Optional

Erica Tucker continues her video interviewing tips. If you missed part one, click here!

My computer started to ring. “OK, here we go. I am going to charm the pants off of her.” PANTS! I had forgotten to change out of my sweatpants! Shoot! She would only see my blouse though, right? OK, deep breath…answer.

Women's The Sweetheart Everyday Boot-Cut Khakis - Rolled OatsThe interview was going great, I was super qualified, it seemed like a wonderful company, we connected and the conversation was flowing and then she noticed a photo on the shelf behind me. When she asked about it, I STOOD UP to grab it!!!! UGH!

I am one of those people who can’t just let the moment pass…I have to explain myself. She may not have even noticed or mentioned it, but I had to address it. I ended up telling her the entire situation and apologized. We laughed and she was extremely nice about it. We finished the interview and ended the call. “Well that’s that,” I thought. “I will never hear from her again.”

I did end up getting the job, but I definitely don’t recommend video interviewing in sweatpants. Chances are, you won’t be standing up at any point, but you never know.

  1. Attire: Dress professionally. Don’t want to wear anything too busy. Solids that stand out against the background are always a safe bet. Please wear pants.
  1. Eye Contact: I know you’re pretty, but don’t look at yourself. If it’s too tempting, I recommend moving the image of yourself to the top of the screen near the camera so that it looks like you’re looking in the camera.
  1. Attitude: Be enthusiastic. The computer tends to tone down one’s personality, so make an effort to be a bit “over” excited. Smile bigger than you think you should.
  1. Posture: Sit up straight to show positive body language. Make sure you don’t cross your arms or lean back or on the desk. You want to look eager and confident.
  1. Speak Clearly: You want to enunciate your words so that nothing is misheard. Non-verbal cues are still important, but not as strong in a video interview so you will want to express your thoughts and feelings verbally.

Video interviews are becoming more and more popular so be prepared! Good luck!

Erica is wearing pants on Twitter: @EricaTuckerPR

The Dream Endures.

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9 Video Interview Tips – Pants Not Optional

by Erica Tucker

I was in Texas the Monday before my wedding when I got a call from the owner of a company I had contacted about a job in Southern California. She wanted to do a Skype interview in thirty minutes! Great right? Only I had three dogs, my bridesmaids, my mom and my mother in-law at the house working on last minute wedding details. It was a madhouse!

I didn’t want to take a chance of missing out on the opportunity so I accepted. I had already changed into my “comfy clothes” which included sweatpants, a cami, hair in a ponytail and slippers. I was definitely not interview ready.

I told the girls the situation and ran upstairs to pull myself together. I took my hair down, threw on a blouse and a necklace, added a little make up and lip-gloss and locked myself in the office. “I’ve got this,” I thought. Skype was all set, I looked good, I had my note pad, my resume, a nice quiet office…I was surprisingly calm. What could go wrong?

Video Interview tips:

  1. Prepare: Research, prepare questions, be ready to discuss your experience and have your resume on hand as you would for an in-person interview.
  1. Stage the Scene:
  • Lighting – Try to get natural light in front of you (behind the camera). You can place a sheet of white paper on the table below you. It will reflect light onto your face
  • Camera Angle – Place the camera at or above eye level so that you find the best angle
  • Background – Your backdrop should be simple if possible. Remove clutter and other distracting or unsightly objects from behind you. Don’t interview in your children’s bedroom or the bathroom.
  1. Practice: Do a practice call with a friend to make sure your audio and visual components are all set.
  1. Eliminate Distractions: Find a quite place where you will have zero interruptions. Silence all phones and make sure the people in your home know that you will be unavailable. An office-like setting with the door closed is always the best option.

Check back Monday for part two!

Erica is wearing pants on Twitter: @EricaTuckerPR

A Message From the Girl Who Thought She “Knew It All”…

Molly Brown aka "The Girl Who Thought She Knew It All"

Molly Brown aka “The Girl Who Thought She Knew It All”

By Molly Brown

People in my generation are supposed to be “the experts” on social media and anything with technology, and I thought I was…but little did I know, social media can be used for a lot more than just posting pictures with my friends or following my favorite celebrities. Here is what my thought process has been as I learn about how to use social media to its full potential.

LinkedIn – “You should get a LinkedIn to help you create a network to help you find jobs,” my mom told me. “Umm, okay,” I replied. But I’m thinking: What in the world is Linked in? Do these people really want to know that I lifeguarded for 5 years? How in the world do you reach the all-star level? Who am I supposed to “connect” with?

Vine – Maybe I should have hopped on this one a little bit sooner. But why on earth are my friends spending hour upon hour watching six-second videos of animals and little kids? And why are they so funny?

Tumblr – Is this like the hipster version of Pinterest? I just want to look at pictures. Do I have to create my own artsy blog?

Google Plus – Okay, so I have a G-mail account and when GoogleDocs was created I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Now, you can blog on Google? I’m confused.

The sites I thought I knew….

Facebook – Why is this picture from 7th grade coming up on my timeline? How to I create a Facebook “page”? Why are these ads playing by themselves?

Twitter – Why can’t I perfect my follower to following ratio? Did you know you could participate in live chats on Twitter? I sure didn’t.

Wish me luck on my journey of learning all there is to know about social media for my future in Public Relations. And to think… I thought I knew it all…

Here are some links to help you stay in the know about social media. There is a lot to learn. Good luck!

Know what? Molly Brown may be reached on Twitter at @Mollzz94


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