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Hire a Firm

By Noah Smith 

Noah Smith, our Social Media Consultant believes in the power of outsourcing to get the best results. Must be one of those Millennial things, but we certainly can’t argue with him. 

picjumbo.com_HNCK4005There are many factors to consider when hiring an individual: will they fulfill the basic job duties? Are they going to mesh with the company or will they be a pain at every turn? Will the hiring manager regret their decision? Who knows?

If the company and every person involved in the hiring process is crystal clear on the job description and who they need, then there will be a lot fewer mistakes but this is reality and we are human…we can and will make mistakes.

Desiring to attract the right employee, we might bend the job post, or if we think the person would be a great fit with the culture we can reassure ourselves that they will be able to adapt and fill the job in time. But they almost never do. Stop kidding yourself.

Did you know that if you hire the wrong person and try to remedy the situation within six months, it could cost as much as 2.5 times the person’s salary ? And money is not the only thing you could end up losing. You’ll also lose valuable time, the culture has been messed with and maybe even a client has felt the incongruity–all because the wrong person was hired.

There is obviously a lot riding on every new hire–particularly if you run a lean shop.

In some departments, it’s best to hire a firm to do the job. Especially with PR and Social Media.

PR and Social Media firms specialize in performing these highly sensitive tasks very well and will have more experience in the field than most potential hires. I mean, they have built a business around these core ideas, so why go anywhere else?

Firms also will enjoy an established network of connections already and won’t need to start completely fresh. You get a team working for you with the benefit of the combined efforts and ideas of everyone, not just a single person.

Some of the other perks:

  • Not as expensive as an employee
  • Save on benefits
  • Heck, less wear and tear on computers, chairs, desks and vending machines in the snack room
  • If you and the firm don’t mesh, then you can stop services–usually with a 30-day notice
  • Can look around to find the right team so you don’t waste any time after hiring
  • Most firms will have a team (instead of getting 5-10 years experience you get 30+)

Going with a firm can save you money and get you more experience on your team. Why wouldn’t you go with one? It seems a simple choice.

Next time you are looking to fill a PR or Social Media position, think outside the one-man cubicle and think how a firm would fit in your office today.

Remember hiring us might just save you a big pile of money. And we won’t eat the good chips in the vending machine.


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Why So Reluctant? (Part 2)

By Noah Smith

Social Media Consultant

We are back with Part 2. Are you ready to learn about the value of social media? Well here it is.

The Value in Social

DeathtoStock_Medium6There is more to social media than converting clients into dollars.

It’s about establishing and maintaining an online presence for your clientele. As you saw the above number a lot of people are online, so what do you think they think of a poor social media page that has bad posts–or no posts at all? They judge it like anything else.

If you have an outstanding presence with a great many followers and likes, an overflowing number of reviews, then that would be in your favor and increase the chances of a prospect converting to a customer.

Having a presence and maintaining it, (e.g., posting often) is the first benefit of social media. The next is it becomes a new front line of customer service. You can see what people are saying about you and your brand and respond accordingly. Brands that respond in a timely fashion to negative posts can not only change that person’s mind by listening but also have a shot at retaining them as a customer. Note you don’t have to only respond to the negative remarks–but also the positive ones. Even a simple Like, Favorite or Retweet can make you look more favorable than the competition.

As humans we like to know we are special and that we are being acknowledged.

Also, you don’t always have to talk about your brand. You can see what is trending and join the conversation, if applicable, or join a Twitter chat or just see how people are doing. You never want to be too much about you and your brand because not everyone is as interested in as what you do as you are.

Did you miss it? Did you miss where the value is? It’s right there, by having a presence and having a voice and communicating and engaging with followers you are creating customers that will want to come buy your product or service.

It seems simple, but it takes a conscious effort to build the right following for you and your brand. It takes time and if you want to broaden your reach, a little social media budget. But there is value in it.

I hope, if you made it this far, that you can see the value of social media and will start posting.

Have any questions about social media? Follow me on Twitter at @N_Smith7 and let’s talk.

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Why So Reluctant?

Part 1

By Noah Smith

Social Media Consultant

DeathtoStock_Medium10I consider myself an open person, yet I find it odd when someone has a different perspective than me on an issue. Not because my side is better or anything of that nature, but because I usually side with what I regard as the norm and that’s usually the majority.

Now I’m not talking about how everyone should share my view that Batman is the best superhero (though you really should). What I’m referencing is that some people and businesses are still against using social media.

Even before I worked in social media and became mildly addicted to it, I knew that social media was a big thing and that it wasn’t going anywhere; it would just keep expanding. I saw that then and now that I’ve worked in it and seen some of the changes I know it will just continue to grow.

So when people say they don’t use it for business, I am baffled. I imagine they are stuck in the ruts of traditional marketing methods and can’t see the potential behind social media. The old saw is trotted out: social media is a waste of time.


UntitledHow do you reach clients? By going to them, they won’t always come to you. It’s nice when they do, but you have to be active and try to attract them.

If 74% of internet users are on social media (and that’s lot of users), don’t you want to be right there talking with them?

According to the table, it seems like everyone is online, using at least one (if not more) social media platforms.

With the average user spending 3.2 hours per day, businesses could be conversing with customers and potential customers a whole lot more.

Business owners may see this and still say, “So what? People are online a lot more.”

And people will always be online. So be online tomorrow when part two comes out. We know you are trying to find the value of social media, so come back and we will show you where the value is. Hint, it’s closer than you think.


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