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Autism Expert Presents Webinar on Basic Principles of Toilet Training

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 1.48.24 PMWHAT: Ian Santus, Regional Director of ACI Learning Centers, will host a free, informative webinar about Toilet Training on August 20, 6:00 -7:00pm CDT.

When it comes to skills that are necessary for a student to be successful in a school or home setting, toilet training is generally at the very top of that list. At ACI Learning Centers we employ a wide variety of evidence-based approaches to toilet training. These approaches include bowel and urine control, as well as independence in remaining dry and clean. Our training will focus on the basic principles of toilet training and allow us the chance to discuss the many different approaches to teaching this extremely important skill. I encourage anyone looking to begin toilet training with his or her child, solve any toileting issues such as regression in the toileting process, or anyone with questions on toilet training to join this extremely informative review of the research based approaches to toilet training.

WHERE: Online Google+ Hangout.  Connect via this link,

WHEN: August 20, 6:00-7:00pm CDT. The first half hour will be a presentation by Ian Santus then the last half will be open so questions can be asked and answered.

WHO: Ian Santus graduated from Western Michigan University with his bachelor’s degree in psychology with an emphasis in applied behavior analysis and received his BCaBA credential in 2011. He also earned a master’s degree from Sage Colleges of Albany in applied behavior analysis with an emphasis on autism and acquired his BCBA in 2013. Ian joined the ACI team in May 2011 and has more than eight years experience in the field of ABA with extensive experience in implementation, training, and understanding of verbal behavior across all ages from children through young adults. He has worked as a behavioral therapist implementing one-on-one behavior intervention, a parent trainer and educator, as well as a supervisor for several programs in the state of Michigan. In addition to his exceptional background, Ian brings his passion for the field of ABA and an unparalleled professionalism to the team at ACI. Ian provides clinic oversight for our learning centers by offering support and training to the BCBA/Clinical Director on location and is a vital member of the ACI team for behavior plan development, research, and program design.


More information about Ian and the rest of the team can be found at

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Mommy… It’s Over!!!!!


Account executive Noah Smith with our super interns Devin Rudicel (KSU) and Brooklyn Lutz (UCM).

Account executive Noah Smith (left) with our super interns Devin Rudicel (KSU) and Brooklyn Lutz (UCM)

By Brooklyn Lutz

Remember your favorite TV show when you were little? Personally, mine was Gargoyles. I’d sit and wait for it to come on and then revel in the absolute amazement of the show. But sooner than later, it was over and I was left sitting on the couch crying, even though another episode would be on the next day.

Well, life seems to work exactly like television shows. We begin a new episode of our life and before we know it, it’s over and we are beginning another.

Three months ago, I accepted an internship with AlexanderG Public Relations. Having no prior agency experience, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But after only a few days, I knew that I had made the right decision. As an intern at a smaller agency in the heart of Kansas City, I was immediately exposed to the daily routine at AlexanderG – writing media advisories, pitching reporters, performing social media audits, blogging and even running social media accounts for clients. I was able to put my skills to use and build upon them with constant feedback and instruction from upper level management.

Throughout the duration of my internship, I felt as though Alex had confidence not only in me, but in the other intern as well. With only a few weeks of work under my belt, he trusted me with the social media platforms for two unique clients. I presented him with a weekly strategic schedule and upon approving it, he gave me the go-ahead to create and post new content for both clients for the remainder of the summer.

Apart from the amazing skills I learned and opportunities I was given during this internship, the work atmosphere at AlexanderG is one-of-a-kind. From karaoke sessions, holiday celebrations and in-depth industry discussions to goodbye pizza parties, AlexanderG offers a fun atmosphere that you wouldn’t receive at just any other agency. Alex prioritizes both work and play perfectly, making this the optimal place to learn.

I consider Alex to a great boss not only because of the way he teaches, but also because of the way he believes in his interns. He saw my talent, drive and willingness to learn and helped me cultivate new expertise to become the best PR professional I could be. And if you show him that you’re willing to work hard and do above and beyond what he asks you to, he’ll do the same for you.

So even though I have agreed to stay on throughout the fall, I feel as though I’m my 8-year-old self again, sitting on the couch crying because the episode of my favorite TV show just ended. My episode titled “AlexanderG PR Summer Intern” may be over, but it will lead to new and different episodes for me in the future. If you are at all considering a public relations internship during your university career, I would strongly suggest applying with AlexanderG. I promise, you’ll be glad you did.

Before I go, Alex, just in case you need some extra motivation when I’m not in the office, “YOU GOT THIS!!”

And to Noah, my singing partner in crime, keep the karaoke going, even if the boss gets jealous.

 Editor’s Note: Brooklyn and Devin were our summer interns. They simply rocked.

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New Low Cost Employer Options #MissedItMonday

Current Current Events Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Smart Companies Radio on BlogTalkRadio

On this episode of Would The Real ObamaCare Please Stand Up, learn when and if the recent Washington DC Circuit Court Ruling will have an effect on the Affordable Care Act and discover new low cost ACA plan options that will soon be available to employers.

Plus answers to this week’s mail bag including:

  • what constitutes a household and how that might affect your federal subsidy and
  • how seasonal employees may or may not alter what you pay for insurance coverage for ALL your employees.

For more information on Greg Howard visit him online at:


How to Bring Creativity to the Workplace

By Brooklyn Lutz

Creativity. Merriam-Webster defines it as the ability to make new things or think of new ideas. But to me, creativity has no specific definition. Creativity is seen and expressed differently by people across the globe and offers a way for many to come together and collaborate.

Creativity is everywhere.

Creativity is the backbone of every company and the power behind that creativity is the employees. So what happens when the employees feel uninspired and that creativity starts to disappear?

Research shows that just like every other skill, creativity can be learned. The problem – although everyone has the potential, not all take the time and effort to transform that potential into a strength. You may not be able to force yourself to be creative on demand, but you can try your hardest to make creativity flow naturally between you and your colleagues. Use the following tips to spark creativity in the workplace.

Always have writing tools handy

Creativity can spark at any moment and if you don’t have anywhere to jot down your ideas, more than likely, you’ll lose that creative thought. Seeing as visual work is vital to the creative process, try to use a sketchbook, rather than a ruled notebook. It will allow you the room to physically sketch out your ideas.  Also, have a variety of writing utensils at hand – be it colored pencils, sharpies, pencils, etc. – and don’t be afraid to use them.

Take brainstorming to the next level

You want creativity? Well then, host your brainstorming sessions in an area that allows creativity to flourish. Skip the office conference room and take your team to a local park or café. Team bonding will come more naturally in a casual environment, making your team more comfortable with presenting new ideas.

Elevate your office

How can you possibly expect your employees to think creatively when your office has looked the same for the past ten years? Take an office-wide day off and revamp your work environment. Add some couches and pillows, colorful walls, inspirational artwork, a trophy case of company awards and most importantly, a “creativity space.” Give your employees an area to collaborate outside of their individual offices. They’ll thank you by presenting their most creative ideas yet.

Give employees the tools they need

In order to be creative, employees require some tools and techniques. Make sure your office is equipped with all the computers, software, books, writing utensils, notepads and any other item your staff may need. And train them on all programs utilized during the work day. If you take the time to provide them with these creativity essentials, they’ll take the time to provide you with some great ideas.

Recognize, reward and celebrate

Great ideas are few and far between, so when an employee create something outstanding, make sure to recognize their efforts and reward them as well. If you land a huge account, take the afternoon off to celebrate. Touches like these will make your employees eager to create the next Big Idea.

Kansas City Antiques Expo Coming Friday

Check out this interview with a member of the KC Antiques Expo team, featuring some pretty spectacular antiques on KSHB Channel 41 by clicking here! 

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 8.26.03 AM

Get more info about the show at and be sure to visit Aug. 1 and 2, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. at KCI Expo Center.