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Labor Day

It’s #TBT at AlexG PR!

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AlexanderG Adds Two New Staff

AlexanderG Public Relations announces that Amy Goldman and Erica Tucker have joined the firm. Goldman will serve as Office Administrator and Content Editor; Tucker as Executive Consultant.

Goldman brings with her fifteen years of experience in administration as well as a background in video editing. She will supervise office processes, including invoicing, staff time and task management. Goldman will also work on periodic content editing and video editing projects.



“Amy’s diverse background and skill set will be a valuable asset to us as AlexanderG Public Relations continues to expand,” said Alex Greenwood, principal and owner. “Our firm’s continued growth makes a professional of Amy’s caliber and capability an absolute necessity.”

Most recently, Goldman worked as a legal assistant and office administrator for several attorneys in the Kansas City area. “I’m excited about this opportunity to join Alex and his team. I want to learn more about the public relations industry,” Goldman said.

In her spare time Goldman enjoys baking sourdough bread, practicing yoga, learning to play guitar and spending time with her two children. As an additional creative outlet, she does video editing for her children in relation to their extracurricular activities.

A graduate of Point Loma Nazarene University with a Bachelor’s degree in Media Communications, Erica Tucker brings more than five years experience in public relations, marketing and event management to the expanding PR and social media firm.

“It’s an exciting time for us at AlexanderG, and we’re fortunate to attract talented, energetic professionals like Erica,” said Alex Greenwood, principal and owner. “Erica’s variety of experience will add a rich dimension to our service offerings.”



Prior to joining AlexanderG Public Relations, Tucker worked in the wedding and event planning industry, where she brought her clients’ vision to life. As a communications professional with a knack for styling and design along with superior organization skills, this came easily to her. “It was an exciting chapter in my career, but it wasn’t public relations, and that’s where my heart is,” she said.

Tucker excels in writing, media relations and social media strategy. As executive consultant, Tucker will manage client accounts and service. Her upbeat personality, passion, creativity and high standards of client service reflect in her work. “I believe that integrity, passion and hard work are keys to success. This is what drew me to Alex and his team. I couldn’t be happier!”

A native of Texas, Tucker spent seven years in southern California and now resides in Kansas City with her husband and 80-pound “fur baby”. Her hobbies include photography, art, local live music, wine tasting and traveling.

AlexanderG Public Relations, LLC is a Kansas City-based, full service public relations agency with a national reach. The agency holds a diverse portfolio of experience and success, working with a wide range of clientele from the entertainment, healthcare financial and manufacturing sectors locally, regionally and nationally. Founded in 2010, the agency specializes in strategic public relations, social media, content marketing and independent publishing services.

AlexanderG Public Relations is a member of PRConsultants Group, a collaborative of agencies made up of senior-level PR experts in every major market in the United States. For more information, visit or call (816) 416-8002.

My Top Twitter Tips

"Mute" by Alexander Greenwood

“Mute” by Alexander Greenwood

By Noah Smith

I have no idea how YOU get more followers on Twitter, but here’s how I did it…

No, this is not your ordinary “How Do I Get More People To Like Me/Stalk My Profile” on a social media platform story. This is what happens to be working for me on Twitter. I say “working” because this will probably become a part one. Yes there will be more. You don’t stop learning, especially with social media and today’s trends.

In honesty, trying to get followers is still a semi-mystery to me. It’s a luck of the draw, you’re just guessing as to what will attract someone to start following you and listen to your ramblings in the Twittersphere. But since I’m in favor of expanding my reach I will let you in on what I’ve done.

Now see, I didn’t say “secrets” because none of this is secretive. It’s all out there; you just have to develop the strategy that works best for you. Also, this is for individuals building up their own brand. It’s not for the everyday user who just tosses a selfie or a funny thought up. (Though somehow that selfie will get more retweets/likes/favorites than this post…)

Some of these may seem like no-brainers, but ponder them for a bit before reacting and you’ll understand.

Be Active: Well duh. But remember this, Twitter never sleeps. It’s a constant conversation among its millions of users. So if you tweet a few times a day, who will see it? Being active at different times a day and posting multiple tweets when you are on will help lay a solid foundation. It helps push your numbers up and increases the chance of being seen in the roiling sea of characters. If you are trying to use Twitter to establish yourself, then I would highly advise a scheduling application, such as Tweetdeck or Hootsuite. Planned (scheduled) tweets will become one of your best friends. It is pure joy to plan tweets and have them go and continue building your brand whilst you do something else.

Hashtag: These little symbols can increase your reach by…..well a lot. I’m no programmer, but by using the hashtag you have the potential to reach an untold number of people. Algorithms work in mysterious ways.

A hashtag is a word or an un-spaced phrase prefixed with the number sign (“#”). It is a form of metadata tag. (Wikipedia) These hashtags can be for fun by doing it like this, #thisisanawesomeblogpost or, since no one will ever look at that hashtag you can be more specific, #blog #awesome #writing and #twitter. Try to only pick a few things to hashtag because too many looks messy and you don’t have a lot of #room. If you feel inclined to learn more about these cool little signs then I suggest you to read my post about them, #AmIdoingthisright.

Chats: There are a variety of chats on Twitter that happen weekly or every other week. There are chats on food, business, travel and marketing. I highly recommend finding one that interests you and join it. They are an immense amount of fun and you learn something at just about every one of them.

Also at the end, if you participated, you will have tweeted, favorited and retweeted a tremendous amount and gained some followers to boot. The followers are the best part because you know that these individuals are just as passionate about the topic as you are. So now you don’t have to search all over the Twitter universe for them, they are right there.

This is how I’m advancing my Twitter presence the most these days. I’m part of a great weekly chat that fits me and I’m comfortable contributing. I’m now following some great people I found them through the chat. So, go find a chat for whatever you’re passionate about.

And bringing up the rear…     

Converse/react: Twitter is more than just putting your own ideas out there. There is a balance of your own ideas and reading what others are writing. You can put your own thoughts and ideas out there and converse with someone. When you participate in Twitter you begin to see the possibilities. Even if it is just something like, “great post,” something simple can get a conversation going.

Again, these are just a few things that are working for me. If they happen to work for you, let me know. I’d love to talk about your successes in future posts.

For more tidbits and awesome tweets, hit me up at @N_Smith7


We’ll Be Talking Social Media at the Emporia, KS Chamber Oct. 29


The proper and effective use of Social Media can build community, conversation and relationships with your current and prospective customers, as well as people who can influence buying decisions. However, getting started in the social media world can be an intimidating experience.

To help, the Emporia Chamber of Commerce welcomes public relations and social media practitioner Alex Greenwood for a daylong seminar on Oct.29.Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 4.50.31 PM


Greenwood will present Don’t Be Anti-Social! Strategies to Use Social Media for the Benefit of Your Business.  During the seminar Greenwood, owner and principal of AlexanderG Public Relations in Kansas City (assisted by account executive Noah Smith) will share information about social media tools and real-world examples of ways his firm uses social media to enhance the reputation, revenue growth and productivity of his clients, firm and self.

Besides being a social media consultant, Greenwood is a small business owner who shuns what he describes as the “smarty pants” attitude of many social media trainers.

“As a business owner, I prefer learning from people with real-world, commonsense ways social media helps–and sometimes not helps,” Greenwood said. “That’s what we will present at the seminar from a fellow business owner. It’s a jargon-free, user-friendly presentation that doesn’t talk down to the audience.”

This daylong event will include a morning seminar covering the basics of most social media platforms to help you determine which are right for your business. The afternoon session will be a “rookie’s guide to LinkedIn,” including best practices that will assist first-timers and more seasoned LinkedIn users.

To register or for more information, visit