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Twitter at the #TradeShow? You Betcha.

By Noah Smith

Have a trade show or conference coming up?IMG_0138

Are you panicking over the long list of “To Do’s” before you step onto that floor? Understandable. However, I have to make sure you have one more thing on your list.

Social Media.

If it’s not on your list, it really should be. Social Media and trade shows go hand in hand.


Why? Well, how often are you in such close proximity to so many clients?

At the trade show, your prospects and clients are bombarded with thousands of signs, flashy videos, people and crazy PR stunts. They’re tired but they will often go home or to their hotel room to get on social media to catch up. You can connect with them on social even after the trade show is dark.

Here are a few tips for social media success at your next trade show or conference showroom:

Before the show doors open, you need a social media strategy.

The Social aspect of your show has to begin weeks–if not months–out. Let your followers know what show you’ll be attending, where your booth will be and start “teasing” them with giveaways, products and personalities who will be there on your behalf. Create a show-specific hashtag–and use it. This not only builds buzz for your show, but it also helps you pick up new followers on social media.

Cross-promote with your neighbor.

You’re at a show with competitors, of course. But are the ten booths around you your DIRECT competition? It’s doubtful, so meet them and try to do some cross promotion. Catch people’s attention with your combined effort.


Besides using your own hashtag (#) interact with the show’s hash-tag, join the conversation and welcome others to the show. It will help you promote yourself but also show others what your brand/culture is all about.

Go crazy.

Tweet up a storm, a T-storm, if you will. Typically, trade shows have many participants, but relatively few are Social Media savvy–being one of the ones who are puts you ahead of the curve. Tweet as many times as you can and get your brand out there into the Twitterverse. There are lots of time-tested ways to make the most of your engagement posted all over the web.

Don’t go it alone.

Trade shows are still vital to commerce, but they are expensive propositions, and you want to make sure you maximize your effectiveness and ROI on attendance. That said, you’ll be focusing on doing what you do best–making money and connections–throughout the show and probably won’t have time to operate an effective Social Media Campaign for the awesome trade show. Do not try to catch up on an entire’s day’s social media activity in your hotel room that night. If you do, there will a huge burst of tweets/posts for a few minutes then it will be dark for another 24 hours. That’s simply not effective, and can even be counter productive.

We advise you to either delegate Social Media to someone whose sole responsibility is managing it for the show or hire a PR and Social Media firm to operate your social sites.

It is best to have a live person monitoring your feed for the duration of the show, constantly engaging, updating and sharing what’s going on at your booth. This way if any attendees ask where they can find you or have a question you can answer it in an appropriate time. It’s something we do for our clients; so hit me up if you want to learn more.

If you aren’t integrating social media into your trade show planning, you’re missing out on a cost-effective way to meet your goals–so put on your badge, pick up your smart phone and get on with the show!


Follow Noah on Twitter @N_Smith7.

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The Kansas City Chiefs: a “House of Cards”?

By Alex Greenwood

What happened to my beloved Kansas City Chiefs? Where did the valiant, spunky, comeback-kid warriors go? I love this team–but wow, they make it tough.10609544_10152892189368373_9119958221965066764_n

The Chiefs are like a girlfriend who forgot you had a date when you knock on her door. You never know if she’ll be dressed and ready to go or wearing sweats and crashed on the couch eating Bugles and binge-watching House of Cards. “Oh, we have a date tonight? Give me five minutes to put my (game) face on!”

I’m going to stop shy of a rant here…but I have some questions:

  1. How do you have an elite running back, a championship-calibre coach, the 4th or 5th best QB (statistically) in the league, a top 5 defense–and still manage to lose no-brainer games?
  2. Why is the team’s urge to win only evident in the fourth quarter?
  3. How is it the team that HUMILIATED the legendary Patriots on Monday Night Football, defeated the defending world champion Seahawks and nearly beat the Broncos in their first matchup…squandered everything on a loss to the biggest dumpster fire team in the league (Raiders) and act like they don’t give a crap against the Broncos last night when EVERYTHING was on the line?

Final questions: Why do I care? Why should I?

Never mind our date, Chiefs. Go go ahead and binge-watch House of Cards*. I’ve already seen it.

*P.S. My friend John reminded me that next week the Chiefs go to the ACTUAL “House of Cards” in Arizona to play the Cardinals. Ha.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!



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