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For When Disaster Strikes: Five Steps to Make Sure Your Business Is Covered

As much as we, as humans, like to pretend that disaster isn’t potentially around the corner, it is, and it is at all times! Businesses, from start-ups to leaders of their field, are more susceptible than most to disaster, whether they be ‘natural’ or forced upon them by crime. Although you business owners can’t see into the future, you can take precautions in the present to make sure both you and your business’s futures are safeguarded. Here are five tips to do so:

These Stats Will Shape Your Marketing Strategy For The Year Ahead

Last year was a volatile one for SEO strategy and internet marketing. We went from a world in which the world’s biggest search platform, Google, could be duped, to a world in which we’re not so sure anymore. Worryingly, especially for people who want to supercharge their internet marketing, old fashioned SEO tactics just don’t look like they’re going to work anymore. These marketing woes stem from an update to the Google algorithm that launch late last year. Called Penguin, the update was designed to prevent internet marketers from just churning out junk content with the aim of fooling Google into thinking that the content was authoritative. As a result, Google’s algorithm has become a lot more “human-like.” It’s able to look at a 2000-word piece of text and use data to figure out whether it’s valuable to its audience or not, just like a regular person could. What this means is that things are shaping up to be very different in 2017 than they were in the summer of 2016. Here are some statistics that are going to shape your year ahead.