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Working with a Social Media Management Agency

Pro Tip:

If you’re working with a social media content creation/community management agency, pay attention to the content they post on your behalf. If it’s not right for your brand, say so–waiting until contract renewal time to air your concerns or opinions is not optimal and wastes time and effort.

That said, agencies should be proactive in garnering feedback on a regular basis, too. If agencies get lazy and stop asking for feedback, then they earn the consequences if a client is unsatisfied.

rp_AGPR-Facebook-Ad-352x235.jpgSocial media community management is a partnership!

What do you think? Let’s hear from you in the comments section.

Congrats to “Enchanted Circles”, A Best-Seller!

Congrats to Caroline Street Press affiliated author Paul Medina, whose debut novel Enchanted Circles made the Oklahoma Best-Seller list!Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 7.26.30 AM

Hillcrest Hawaii 5-K This Saturday!

mediumGet Your Lei On for the Hillcrest Hawaii 5-K!

Benefiting Hillcrest Platte County.

Town Square in Zona Rosa

6106 NW Barry Rd.

Kansas City, Missouri 64154

Saturday, May 9th, 2015

7:00 a.m. Festivities

Hawaiian themed costume contest,
Live DJ, Clown, Food and Fun

8:00 a.m. Race Begins

Medals will be awarded to first 300 runners. All Participants receive a dry fit t-shirt and finisher medal.

1st place finishers in their age category will received a winner medal as well.

Course is relatively flat and fast. Would be a great first timers course for those of you looking to set a PR.

This event is a joint event with the Annual Hillcrest Walk for the homeless celebration.

Sponsorship and volunteer opportunities are available. Please contact Kendal Welch at kwelch(at) or click here.

About Hillcrest Platte County

Adults in the Hillcrest Platte County Transitional program are required to find and maintain full-time employment, and attend a minimum of 4 of the supportive services sessions weekly. The goal of these programs is to move families and individuals from homelessness to self-sufficiency, attaining permanent housing, long-term employment, and stabilized living for their children. Hillcrest serves Northland homeless families who are willing to work full-time and apply themselves to reaching self-sufficiency.

The average age of a homeless person in the Missouri/Kansas area is 7 years old. Most families are a single parent with multiple small children so children are a focus of the Hillcrest program, as well. Tutoring, field trips, mentoring, summer camp, and a youth group program provide resident children with the increased attention that is needed to reinforce education and learning as an important aspect of daily life. This is vital since many of the children have fallen behind in classes and developed behavior problems as a result of the instability of homelessness.

The need is growing; Hillcrest offers a solution that is proven. 95% of our graduates go on to be self-supporting, contributing members of our community. Hillcrest is a unique solution to homelessness designed to give homeless families and youth the motivation and training needed to break the poverty-welfare cycle and lead independent lives. Since 1976 Hillcrest has helped the KC area meet the needs of homeless families. Please join Hillcrest as we change the trajectory of the lives of the families we serve.

The Real #Mystery is Why You Haven’t Read One Yet!


Hit the (Paper) Trail

By Noah Smith

Have you ever left the house without checking all the doors?

It can be such an odd feeling when you leave the house without checking all the doors to make sure they are secure. You know they are secure because you didn’t use them so you go about your day…until Mom calls and asks if you locked X door. You may say yes but there is that awful, uncertain feeling in the back of your mind.

Great. Now you can’t say 100 percent that it’s locked–even though you know it’s fine.

Lesson: Better to check now and not have to worry about it then not do it and just assume you’re fine.

The same goes for your career. It’s better to be proactive and prepared than make assumptions of security and pay the price later.

“Did you establish a paper trail?”

Not the words you normally want to hear from your boss. But there is a time and place for every paper trail.

PapertrailBeing early in my career I’m still learning a lot, especially general business tactics and approaches. From being able to master a fax machine (which is harder than you might think) to how you represent yourself at an event. But making a paper trail is a useful tool that I’ll take to every job I ever hold.

When I hear “paper trail” the first thing I think of is fraud or embezzlement–but that’s not what I’m referring to in this instance.

In this sense, a paper trail is when you contact a client or someone over an issue or topic so you have proof of it later. It can assist you in covering your bases so if you don’t respond the client or coworker can’t yell at you (well, they actually can yell at you, but they won’t be justified. That matters!). Just tell them, “Well I said in this email on this date that I would be unreachable for x amount of time.”

There’s a record of you trying to get the ball moving on a project. It sucks when the client is rather heatedly asking about why XY hasn’t been done. If you have an email “paper” trail you can refer back to it and say that you asked for the info and got no response. This is a great tactic to have by your side as a contractor or firm because you may as well be one of the first people who gets looked at.

Let me make one thing clear, this is not just to cover your bases and use it later as an ”I told you so” but it helps make life easier with EVERYONE involved. So don’t think the sole purpose of this is to catch your client or boss and be able to correct them. No, this aids us all. If you ask your boss or client a question on the phone and they say “Yes you can have that time off.” Or “We need X to start this project” you have no idea what mindset they are in. They could be having a very hectic day and not remember talking to you. Not that you aren’t a very important person but because we all are busy people and we all forget things from time to time. That’s why it can be helpful to have a paper trail with some matters.

It’s easier than ever before to maintain a paper trail, with email practically being the main form of communication everything is logged and searchable.

Remember to include all the right recipients also when creating this trail. Even if they don’t read it, it’s in their box and they can’t ignore that when you tell them you sent it to them two weeks ago.

Now get working on that paper trail.


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