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Molly Brown aka "The Girl Who Thought She Knew It All"

Molly Brown aka “The Girl Who Thought She Knew It All”

By Molly Brown

People in my generation are supposed to be “the experts” on social media and anything with technology, and I thought I was…but little did I know, social media can be used for a lot more than just posting pictures with my friends or following my favorite celebrities. Here is what my thought process has been as I learn about how to use social media to its full potential.

LinkedIn – “You should get a LinkedIn to help you create a network to help you find jobs,” my mom told me. “Umm, okay,” I replied. But I’m thinking: What in the world is Linked in? Do these people really want to know that I lifeguarded for 5 years? How in the world do you reach the all-star level? Who am I supposed to “connect” with?

Vine – Maybe I should have hopped on this one a little bit sooner. But why on earth are my friends spending hour upon hour watching six-second videos of animals and little kids? And why are they so funny?

Tumblr – Is this like the hipster version of Pinterest? I just want to look at pictures. Do I have to create my own artsy blog?

Google Plus – Okay, so I have a G-mail account and when GoogleDocs was created I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Now, you can blog on Google? I’m confused.

The sites I thought I knew….

Facebook – Why is this picture from 7th grade coming up on my timeline? How to I create a Facebook “page”? Why are these ads playing by themselves?

Twitter – Why can’t I perfect my follower to following ratio? Did you know you could participate in live chats on Twitter? I sure didn’t.

Wish me luck on my journey of learning all there is to know about social media for my future in Public Relations. And to think… I thought I knew it all…

Here are some links to help you stay in the know about social media. There is a lot to learn. Good luck!

Know what? Molly Brown may be reached on Twitter at @Mollzz94