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First impressions count, and in business that first impression is even more important. If we want to carry on rising quickly, then we need to make sure that our first impression is the best impression! We only have 7 seconds to convince someone that we are brilliant. When the future of our business depends on those 7 seconds, we need to make sure that we nail it.  Those 7 seconds need to be perfect. So just how can we do that?

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Show those teeth

When we smile at someone we make them feel relaxed in our company and they will want to smile too. However, it’s also important that we get that smile right. We don’t want to go overboard and come across as cheesy and unnatural. Smile like you would normally and you will make a great impression.

Your Office

A client will make lots of judgments based on your business from what he sees in your office. Therefore, you want that office looking immaculate but busy. If you don’t have an office yet then you might want to consider a shared office rental because this will give a better impression than welcoming someone into your spare bedroom. A shared office rental can also be a great way of networking with other business people. Many have workspace and meeting rooms and some even put on events!


You need to always offer to shake someone’s hand as it is a sign of politeness. A strong handshake will also give you an air of confidence. No one likes a limp handshake, that’s just disappointing. However, you don’t want to grip their hand so hard that you cut off their blood circulation.

Make Eye Contact

Making eye contact with someone shows that you are interested in what they are saying and that you are listening to them. It shows that you respect them. Do not look down at your shoes or play with your phone. That will be viewed as you being incredibly rude.

Think Of Your Body Language

There have been many studies into the importance of body language. It is incredibly important. We should all be trying to mirror the person we are talking to. Body mirroring is our way of sending non-verbal clues to the person we are talking to. Through mirroring we are saying, “Look we have so much in common”. It can be an incredibly effective tactic. It sends a message of trust to the other person too.

Make Sure You Speak Clearly

Meeting someone for the first time can be nerve-wracking and we can find ourselves speaking fast as a result. We need to tell ourselves to calm down because this won’t be giving the right impression. Slow down and speak calmly and clearly. We will then come across as someone who is confident and in control.

These 6 tips will have you giving the right impression about you and your business. Follow these and you will shout success… Do you have any other tips for giving the right impression?