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Is your office no longer providing an optimal environment for your company? While moving can be stressful, the stress dealt with when working in an unfit working environment could outweigh the temporary discomfort. Here are the main factors to consider whether an office move is the right decision for your business.

There Could Be Financial Benefits

The rent that you’re currently paying could be chewing into your funds and stopping you from growing as a company. Additionally, property insurance prices in your area could be making it difficult to stay protected. These are all good reasons to move – a cheaper office is the best way to make cuts, so long as it can still provide the same facilities that you require now. However, you will have to factor in extra costs during the move such as hiring a moving company and changing addresses on any forms of marketing you currently have. However, these fees are likely to even out once you are paying less month to month. Your main considerations should be whether moving into a less expensive office is worthwhile. Remember to check factors such as local parking rates and garbage collection charges.

It Could Be More Convenient 

If your team of staff is growing you may need a larger office, in which case moving could be a good option. Similarly, if you’re scaling back, a smaller office could be more suited. An office in a new location may also be more convenient for you and your staff, or alternatively, your clients. If you’re located rurally and are trying to market to people in the city, moving to the city could be what you need to attract a wider audience. 

You may also be considering certain new facilities. You may need a bigger warehouse or better access for disabled individuals, which would certainly increase your need to move. However, there are many inconveniences to moving such as notifying clients and suppliers and changing your address on all forms of marketing. There also may be some perks to your current office that you can’t replicate elsewhere. Bear all this in mind when considering your move.

Improve Your Working Conditions

The working conditions of your current office may simply be not up to your standard. It may have a lack of ventilation, in a noisy location, overlook a bad area, or it may simply be insecure. Moving could allow you to find a better work environment for you and your employees, allowing you to work more effectively. It might also help to make your business more presentable to clients.

Consider that you may be able to make renovations in some cases rather than moving. If the area is the problem, you may have to scout for new property in certain locations. Visit during working hours so that you can get an idea of noise levels and heat. Online sources may be useful for looking up the crime rate if you’re worried about security or high insurance prices.