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The Critical Importance Of Lead Validation In Internet Marketing

It’s a bad idea to compare apples with oranges, but in many cases Internet marketers don’t even know which ones are which. By paying attention to just the raw conversion numbers, all they have is a box simply labeled “Fruit.” Without validating the leads generated through their campaigns, they can’t separate the apples and the oranges — or fine-tune their campaigns so they get the ones they want.

Online PR: How To Fix Your Business Reputation Problems

While the Internet can be a fantastic tool for businesses of all kinds, there are also inherent dangers involved when you put yourself out there. An unhappy customer here and a disruptive member of staff there is all it takes for your social media or website to explode with activity – for all the wrong reasons. But if someone does say something unflattering, rude, or – perhaps – ruinous about your business online, what can you do?

6 Ways to Build Better Relationships with Journalists

It’s super hard to build meaningful relationships with journalists. It takes a lot of effort – years and years of effort. But don’t worry we’ve put a couple of great tips together that you can follow to help build better relationships with reporters. Remember, slow and steady wins the race in the PR game. Forming relationships takes time, so be patient and keep trying.