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Continuity Is Dang Important, Here’s Why

The workflow of the business is like the blood pumping through the body. When it stops, serious problems start to arise. You start losing money, missing deadlines and letting people down. Occasionally, you can allow that. But if your business is at risk from poor continuity, it will reflect in an unprofessional operation. So we’re going to look at the different risks to your continuity and how you deal with them.

Why Outsourcing Does Way More Than Cut Costs

Outsourcing has typically been seen as a way to cut costs. Businesses like headline figures, such as “outsourcing reduces IT costs by 30%.” But the firms that did the best in the Bain & Co. survey were the ones using their partners in intelligent ways. They looked beyond mere cost cutting and instead focused on building capabilities. So what insights can we glean from what they did?