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Hollywood PR in Real Life

As in any business, sometimes you get to a point where a client–no matter how much money they pay–is worth aggravation or loss of self-respect. Also, it would be unethical to take Sheen’s money because the bizarre star obviously isn’t taking advice from his public relations consultant.

Meet T Whiz, the Iron Man of Hot Tea

I had just passed an entire block of closed upscale shops when a man in a hooded sweatshirt approached me. He wasn’t belligerent in an overt way. Instead he seemed to be going for “menacing without obvious intent.” That is, when he asked me for my money, he didn’t produce a weapon or lunge at me; but his tone of voice told me he wasn’t asking me to donate. He was telling me to without actually saying “Give me your money or else.”

A Watched Blog Never Boils?

I respond that blogging is about building up a lot of entries, promoting them and bringing the buzz to a “boil.” If you’re into immediate gratification, then starting a blog (unless you’re a famous person or company) is probably going to frustrate you. It takes time, persistence and good content to build readership.

Domino’s Pizza Driver Caught Doing Good–Saves A Life

Saving a life is an extreme example of what we talked about in a recent post “Three Easy Things You Can Do to Get Your Business Noticed,” where we recommended: “Do the right thing, even when nobody’s looking. I assure you that even if you don’t get caught doing the right thing. eventually somebody’s going to notice.” Of course this Domino’s employee didn’t do this to market the pizza chain, she did it out of human decency and concern for others. But she felt empowered to do it.