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Happy Halloween from AlexanderG Public Relations

Happy Halloween…and in that vein, a few of our favs:

Scariest doll since Barbie:

Good book for creepy nights by the fire…HALLOWEEN SPECIAL! As featured on NPR–get ‘Pilate’s Cross’ for ONLY 99 cents! Expires @ Midnight! Code: QJ32N

Rest in peace, Warren…

It’s dangerous for guys named Jack…

Still gets me everytime…

The classic:

So bad it’s good…

A “Criminally” underrated movie…

and finally…best Halloween movie with a zombie versus a shark underwater battle:

Stay safe kiddies…muhahahahaha!

The Sounding Board's "Five Scariest Things to Tell a PR Firm"

Click on the link below, PR fiends!

The Sounding Board: The Five Scariest Things to Tell a PR Firm.

A Quick Lesson in Building Customer Loyalty

Great machine, too.

Quick lesson in building customer loyalty:

I needed a new computer–my MacBook was fading after three years of constant service.

So, I bought an iMac. You may know that Apple offers a great service: they’ll clone your hard drive from the old puter and transplant it to the new machine, thus saving you hours of torture when you get home.

Okay, that alone is great service. But what’s better is they told me it would take about one business day to do this. I could come back the next day at 5 p.m. to pick up my old machine and the new one– fully-loaded with all my files, programs, music and stuff.

Well, why not? One business day is a small price to pay for the time and effort it would’ve taken for me to do it myself.

That’s not the lesson, though. Here’s the lesson: they called me less than three hours later to tell me my computers were ready for pickup. Not a day later, but a mere three hours later. Do I have to tell you how thrilled I was when they called? When I first picked up the phone I was sure they were going to tell me something was wrong. Nope. They were just finished being highly efficient. I’ve had other good experiences with Apple–and this just reinforced my brand loyalty big time.

Under-promise, over-deliver. Simple concept. Works every time.

Catch Me On KCUR Radio Monday Oct. 25

I’ll be interviewed on KCUR 89.3 FM’s Central Standard on Monday at 10 CST. Also appearing will be Paul Miles Schneider (besides being a gifted graphics producer at T2+Back Alley Films he has written the acclaimed novel Silver Shoes). You can stream it on the internet if you’re not in the KC area. We will be talking about book marketing, ebooks, book trailers and of course, our books!

My Interview with Present Magazine

Regular readers of this blog may recall that I published an ebook and recently premiered a book trailer.  Pete Dulin of Present Magazine of Kansas City interviewed me about the book and the trailer. Here’s an excerpt: How long did it take to write the book?

Greenwood: “I wrote the first draft in three months – six days a week, three to four hours a day. Yes, I will cop to the cliche’: I wrote that first draft on a laptop in the Starbucks at Country Club Plaza.

The finished book people are reading today on their iPads and Kindles took about eighteen months and six drafts. I did about four “polishes” on top of that.” How did the idea for a book trailer come about?

“Readers have told me they thought they could easily see Pilate’s Cross as a movie. That’s why I’m so excited I got the chance to work with the talented crew at T2 + Back Alley Films of Kansas City.

This never would have happened without the vision of T2 + Back Alley Films CEO Teri Rogers. She’s a courageous innovator, always looking ahead to that next undiscovered country. When I told her about my book, she immediately suggested a trailer. Not many firms of T2’s stature are doing trailers. I had given a trailer some thought, but never dreamed a nationally recognized digital media agency like T2 would work with me.

The trailer really transports you right into the world of Cross Township – like a movie. I wrote a treatment and a script, and then T2’s team created a concept that I think just blows away most book trailers. Their concept and screen execution was teamed with Wheeler Audio of Kansas City to record actors and mix sound.

Read more: Present Magazine Kansas City Arts – Author Alex Greenwood’s Mystery Thriller Pilate’s Cross.

I will also join T2’s Paul Miles Schneider (besides being a gifted graphics producer at T2 he has written the acclaimed novel Silver Shoes)  on KCUR Radio’s “Central Standard” show Monday, October 25 at 10 a.m. CST. (You can stream it on the internet if you’re not in the KC area.) We will be talking about book marketing, ebooks, trailers and of course, our books!


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