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Good Customer Service…to the Core!

I went in, expecting to have to leave my Mac for a costly repair. The “genius” at the store fiddled with the offending key for a few moments, did some diagnostics and sighed. He then took out a piece of Scotch tape and stuck the key to the outside of the Mac. He didn’t ask, just did it, then picked up the phone and made sure that they had the parts needed to fix the machine.

Seeking Your Green Pasture

For me, this brings perspective and a sense of some level of control over the chaos life throws at me (at everyone, right?). It doesn’t always work. Sometimes all I can think of is what’s next on my plate, but often I get to that green pasture of peace and quiet.

The Word is Good (as Gone?)

“I can’t imagine even one person in a thousand reads poetry on a regular basis,” said Tom Wayne, co-owner of Prospero’s Books in Kansas City’s historic Westport area. “Poetry is an obscure art–people are afraid of it for a variety of reasons,”