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Clever Marketing Tricks: Car Service Edition

The dealership probably sent these cards only to active customers–those customers (like my wife) who bring in their Honda for regular oil changes, tune ups, etc. They want to double their business from these customers; guessing that most customers have two cars (like us), and that if they don’t have another car on their service roster from that family address there’s a reason. The reason is likely that it’s a different make of car, purchased elsewhere (Yup, that’s us); therefore it’s being serviced elsewhere. Of course, the Honda dealership wants that car in their service bay.

Brand New Day or Fight Another Day?

If you’ve invested thousands of dollars and years of consistency in your brand and decide that it’s what’s holding you back; then you need to put pen to paper and ask “If I jettison our identity and create a new one, how much will it cost?” Are you prepared to flush your brand equity–essentially zeroing out your name recognition–and pay a consultant or tie up your marketing team for weeks or months? (Not to mention waiting perhaps a year or two to see if it pays off.)